HCTF Announces $6 Million for Community Conservation Grants

HCTF is proud to announce that it will provide over $6 million in grants this year to protect BC’s fish, wildlife and habitats. The list of 2013-14 grant recipients was officially released today at the BC Wildlife Federation’s AGM. 139 enhancement and restoration projects will be funded, led by some of the province’s top fish and wildlife experts. “This money is critical to conserving and managing the diverse range of habitats and species that make BC special,” said Harvey Andrusak, Chair of the Foundation. “Without these grants, much of the critical conservation work happening around the province simply couldn’t get done.” Since its beginnings in the early 80s, HCTF has contributed over $145 million to conservation projects, and estimates the resulting partnership investments to be worth an additional $400 million. A complete list of this year’s approved projects is available here , including descriptions and project leader contact information. Some highlights include: - Burrard Inlet Restoration Project: the 2007 oil spill in the Burrard Inlet resulted in a $447,000 court award being directed to HCTF as part of the increasing movement towards using creative sentencing in cases involving environmental infractions. HCTF will invest this money into a number of projects...
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2013-14 Approved Project List

The list of approved 2013-14 HCTF projects is now available . We approved a total of 139 enahancement & restoration projects this year. Check back soon for the 2013-14 project map! 

Mission Creek Celebration

On Tuesday, HCTF had the opportunity to take part in a wonderful event on the banks of Mission Creek in Kelowna , celebrating the recent acquisition of 2.7 hectares of land immediately beside the creek (see video ). Working with the MCRI, City of Kelowna, Regional District of Central Okanagan and a cast of others, HCTF is supporting the long term plans to return parts of the heavily-channelized Mission Creek to a more natural state. Mission Creek was channelized many years ago to control the destructive flooding that was impacting adjacent landowners. What was formerly a sinuous, natural and fish-friendly stream became, in effect, a much straightened "chute". That straightening helped to solve the flooding problem, but removed important fish habitat. HCTF has provided $315,000 in funding to purchase some adjacent land from the Casorso family (without whom this project would not be possible) which will eventually be restored to provide critical habitat for native Kokanee stocks. It's an important first step in a long process, and HCTF is happy to be part of this initiative. For more information on the plan to restore Mission Creek, please visit the MCRI website .      

HCTF Staff Visit Delta Farmland Project

HCTF staff may be coming to a project near you! On April 12th, Lynne Bonner and Jane Algard visited Ladner to do a project site evaluation on the “Provision of Waterfowl and Raptor Habitat within Managed Grasslands on Lower Fraser River Farmland” project.  Christine Terpsma of the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust took us on a tour of farmlands that are under stewardship agreements in the Ladner/Delta area near Vancouver.  HCTF funding ensures local farmers plant winter cover crops (for waterfowl) and grassland set-asides (for raptors) to provide a diversity of habitats for wildlife. Trumpeter Swans graze on winter cover crops planted by Ladner-area farmers . We saw the evidence of success: some winter cover crops were eaten down to bare ground, we spotted a number of hunting northern harriers in the set-asides, and hundreds of snow geese landed in a field next to us. As an added bonus – we sighted three snowy owls!  Thanks Christine, for your time and your enthusiasm for wildlife conservation. Above: A flock of Snow Geese comes in for a landing in Ladner.