Bull River Bighorn Herd Helped by Land Purchase

The Nature Trust of BC has just announced the successful acquisition of the Bull River Grassland Corridor property in the East Kootenays. Nature Trust CEO Jasper Lament said the 67 hectare property is an exciting addition to existing conservation lands in the lower Bull River: “Bighorn sheep use this property as part of their traditional winter range,” said Lament. “Because it is bounded on three sides by other conservation lands, it is a very strategically important acquisition.”‖ The securement of this property removes threats of disease transmission from domestic livestock to the Bull River bighorn sheep herd. It also protects winter range for elk and deer, and protects habitat for the provincially Redlisted American Badger. This project was completed with incredible support from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, BC Conservation Foundation, Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program, and Environment and Climate Change Canada through the Natural Areas Conservation Program facilitated by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation provided over $350,000 to the purchase of this property, and is also funding a project studying the health and movements of the Bull River bighorn herd. “The Bull River herd has partially recovered from a die-off in the 1980s, and...
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Happy Earth Day!

Today is officially    Earth Day , and this year's theme of    Environmental & Climate literacy   is a great fit with    HCTF Education 's programs and philosophy. HCTF Education partnered with local schools on Earth Day activities to get students outside, learning about the outdoors and making a difference in their communities.   On Friday, Monterey Middle School hosted a public event to help rid their local beach of    nurdles , tiny pellets that are melted down to make plastic products. Because they're so tiny, nurdles are rarely targeted in clean-up efforts, but scientists are becomingly    increasingly concerned   about the effects these persistent plastics can have on marine ecosystems. Inspired by their local high school’s presentation on ocean pollution, Monterey’s Grade 8 classrooms decided they wanted to turn their school's annual Earth Day celebration into an outdoor event that allowed them to share what they've learned with their communities and work together to help their local fish and wildlife. The students built nurdle sifters for the public to use, and hosted themed information stations and activities.  Monterey Principal Ken Andrews says he was pleased to see his school's Earth Day plans evolve from an...
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Reminder to Students: WRFC Sponsorship Application Deadline April 30

There's a little over a week remaining for BC post-secondary students to submit their sponsorship applications for the World Recreational Fishing Conference  July 16 - 20 in Victoria, BC.  The Conference will provide students with the opportunity to learn about advances in recreational fisheries research and management from the world's leading experts. As the official Education Sponsor for WRFC8, HCTF has offered to sponsor up to four BC post-secondary students to attend.    More >>

Funding for Volunteer-based Conservation Projects

If you need financial support for a conservation project powered by volunteers, check out our PCAF grants! The Public Conservation Assistance Fund provides grants for on-the-ground conservation projects in BC. This could include activities such as wetland restoration, reptile monitoring, bird banding, and bat box construction - there are all sorts of possibilities, so long as the project provides clear conservation benefits for native fish and wildlife. Grant recipients must provide at least half of the value of their PCAF grant in volunteer labour (now valued at $15/hr). This year’s application deadline is May 16 th , 2017. More>>   

Annual Acquisition Grant Application Deadline Coming Up

The deadline for submitting an application for an HCTF Acquisition Grant is fast approaching! Completed applications must be received by 4:30PM on Friday, March 31st to be considered for funding. Full application information can be found here . Questions? Please contact Christina Waddle for further details.