Conditional Grant Agreement

What is a Conditional Grant Agreement?

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation uses conditional grant agreements to transfer monies to a proponent for an approved HCTF project. Unlike unconditional grants (which can be used for any purpose the recipient sees fit), a conditional grant is for a specific purpose and may not be used for any other project.

The conditional grant agreement is like a contract in that it is signed by both parties and contains specific conditions for spending the approved budget. The underlying basis for the agreement is the proposal submitted by the proponent and approved by HCTF, although HCTF may include additional conditions to the proposal before approving it.

While each conditional grant agreement pertains to the individual project, there are some terms and conditions common to all HCTF conditional grant agreements. Some of these include:

  • The term of the agreement – April 1st to March 31st  unless otherwise specified in the agreement.
  • Reporting  requirements are linked to payment process.
  • All project communications materials must recognize funding support from HCTF.
  • Projects must acquire and maintain appropriate insurance and provide HCTF with insurance certification where required.
  • Project leaders are required to obtain written pre-approval from HCTF for any equipment or asset purchases required for the project that cost $1,000 or greater that were not stated in the approved proposal.

You can view an HCTF sample Conditional Grant Agreement – please note that this is a general template and specific terms may vary depending on the project.


Please note that Section 9 of your Conditional Grant Agreement regarding insurance requirements (see the link to the sample CGA above) have been revised. In most cases, you will need to provide HCTF with a Certificate of Insurance for General Liability indicating that HCTF has been added as an additional insured. Your insurer can assist in completing this certificate. If desired, you can download our sample HCTF Certificate of Insurance Form. Aside from the requirement to provide a Certificate of Insurance evidencing CGL coverage, you no longer need to provide HCTF with additional certificates of insurance, or request that any insurance requirements be waived. It is your responsibility to ensure that your organization is carrying the correct insurance to deliver the project.

Multi-year Projects

For projects that require more than one year to complete:

  • A separate proposal must be submitted for each year of the project.
  • A new conditional grant agreement is required for each year of the project and it is tied to the approved proposal for that year.
  • Activities and expenditures that are approved for Year 1 of a project may not be freely transferred by the proponent to subsequent years of the project, as they will be under separate grant agreements.