Restricted Funding

Court Awards

HCTF receives the money from certain court awards arising from fish/wildlife/habitat infractions. On occasion, the funding from these awards is restricted to specific locations, species and/or habitats. In these cases, HCTF first looks for a match in our list of currently approved projects. If there is no suitable match, we advertise the awards for our next round of funding.

The table below lists currently available restricted court awards:

Region HCTF Court Reference # Restriction Amount
2 139164-1 Funds to be allocated to instream fish habitat enhancement in Byrne Creek $14,000.00
1 NICF North Island Conservation Fund: you can find out more about this court award-funded program here $350,000.00

How to Apply for Restricted Funding:

If you think you may have a project that fits the requirements of one the listed restricted contributions or court awards, please:

  • Submit an enhancement proposal that meets HCTF’s eligibility criteria through the regular process by November 2, 2017, 2017. Please note the HCTF Court reference # in the project title, and
  • Send a brief email to identifying your project name, proponent name and the restricted court award for which you are applying (use the HCTF Court Reference #).

Please note that applications for restricted funding must go through HCTF’s technical review process along with all other enhancement proposals.

In some cases – and at the HCTF Board’s discretion – projects may be granted funding beyond the value of the restricted funding (i.e., your proposal budget need not be limited to the specific restricted funding amount listed).

If you have any questions or want to discuss an idea for a project, please contact Biological and Evaluation Services.