Citizen science is the involvement of the public in scientific research and data collection to address a conservation need.


If you have a project idea that has an element of citizen science, your Stewardship proposal should:

  • Describe how the information collected will be used to directly address a conservation issue for fish and wildlife or their habitats.
  • Describe what training methods will be provided for volunteers to ensure sound data collection (what format of training, how often, who will deliver).
  • Describe what methods of Quality Assurance/Quality Control will be applied to data collected.
  • Describe how data will be stored, managed and shared with decision makers or other relevant groups

Please see the Stewardship webpage for more information on this granting stream and how to apply.

The participation of community members is an integral part of some HCTF-funded projects. A few of these projects are highlighted below:

Other Conservation Projects

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