Thank you to Mike Bridger and the rest of the Northeast mountain goat survey crew for sending us some great photos from their flights last summer.



Beautiful Wokkpash Lake, about 140 kilometres west of Fort Nelson: 

Nanny goats and kid in the snow. Note the slanted horn on the leftmost adult. 


Mountain goats on the cliffs and a closeup of a billy (below)


Mountain goats are considered to be relatively plentiful within the Peace Region, but regularly assessing the abundance and distribution of this species is necessary to implement best management practices. A 5-year regional population inventory was initiated in 2013. As part of this multi-year project, an aerial survey of mountain goats was conducted July 18th–22nd, 2017 (Year 4 of 5) in Wildlife Management Units 7-50, 7-51, and 7-54 in the Northern Rockies (Muskwa-Tuchodi area) of the Peace Region, British Columbia. During the survey a total of 821 mountain goats were observed, 623 of which were adults (males and females combined) and 198 of which were kids (young-of-the-year). A sightability correction factor of 1.54 (assumes 65% of mountain goats were observed) was applied to the total number of mountain goats counted, resulting in a population estimate of 1,264 individuals within the study area. The information obtained from this aerial survey will be used to delineate population management units and better inform management decisions for mountain goats.