Enhancement Project Management & Reporting

Congratulations on the approval of your Enhancement project!
Here are a few things you need to know to manage your HCTF grant:

Conditional Grant Agreement

Please note that your project final approval is subject to you (or you organization) entering into a Conditional Grant Agreement with HCTF. In the weeks following the receipt of your preliminary approval letter, you will be mailed two copies of a conditional grant agreement and an accompanying checklist. Please read your grant agreement carefully, and complete all requirements on the checklist before returning to HCTF. Questions? Please contact our Financial Officer.

HCTF Acknowledgement

The support provided by HCTF must be acknowledged in any publicity issued, printed or distributed, including signs, displays, reports, announcements, articles, press releases, or media interviews. Full information on HCTF communications guidelines and copies of the HCTF logo are available here.

Project Change Requests

If circumstances have changed and your approved project requires modifications from your original proposal in terms of objectives, activities/methodology, or budget allocation, you must submit a written request to HCTF using the Project Change Request Form. Please submit completed requests to . Depending on the nature of your request, it will be reviewed by either HCTF staff or an appropriate technical review committee.

Contract Extensions

If you are unable to complete your project within the fiscal year of your Conditional Grant Agreement (April 1 through March 31st, unless otherwise specified), you will need to request a Contract Extension (also known as a Carry-Over) to extend your Agreement into the next fiscal. The annual deadline for contract extension requests is February 15th: please complete the Contract Extension Request Form and email it to

Please note that even though activities and expenditures will occur in the following fiscal year, they will still be invoiced and reported on under the original Agreement. The Grant Report (see below) will be due when that year’s activities are complete.


Attention HCTF Project Leaders! Multi-year reports are now due on April 15th of the final project year.

The following changes have been made for submitting final reports for multi-year projects:

  • The final multi-year project report has been replaced by the Final Year Grant Report.
  • The multi-year report is now combined with the final year Grant Report and it will also be due April 15th and subject to the same 20% hold-back.
  • There will be two grant report templates:
      1. The annual Grant Report completed for each year except the final year of the project; and
      2. The Final Year Grant Report which combines the Grant Report for that year with the final multi-year project report (summarizing all years of the project).
  • The Final Year Grant Report will be required for all projects that end in fiscal 2015-16 and beyond.

Grant Report Form (Word)

Grant Report – Instructions (PDF)

Final Year Grant Report Forms (Word)

Final Year Grant Report – Instructions (PDF)

Grant Reports
HCTF requires project leaders to submit an annual Grant Report describing activities and expenditures undertaken with HCTF funding under that year’s Conditional Grant Agreement. Reports are reviewed by staff to ensure the objectives and activities in the approved project proposal are met. The final invoice for each year of the Grant Agreement will only be paid when a Grant Report has been received and approved by HCTF. Complete the Grant Report Form by following the Instructions. Please ensure you:

  • Clearly tie the activities in your Grant Report to the activities planned in your approved proposal.
  • If some objectives or activities could not be completed as proposed, report these and explain why.
  • Make sure the expenditures you provide in your Grant Report match the expenditures invoiced to HCTF for the year of the Grant Agreement.

For seed projects, use the Grant Report Form and complete all relevant sections. A seed report should describe the activities undertaken with the seed funding and whether or not the project has led to, or will result in, a full proposal next year–and if not, why (e.g., project is not feasible based on the work done for the seed project, etc.). Even if a full proposal has been submitted, a seed report should provide enough detail to assess which of the proposed activities were conducted and their results; as with all grant reports, it must provide enough information for us to evaluate the activities without relying on other documents.

Consistent with HCTF’s operating cycle and with the end date of most conditional grant agreements, projects must be completed by March 31st. However, Project Leaders have an additional two weeks to complete and submit their Grant Reports if needed, so Grant Reports are due April 15th (please refer to your individual grant agreement for confirmation). Once you have completed your report, please email it to Along with the report, please attach original, high-quality photos of any fieldwork components of the project, and let us know whom the photo is to be credited to (if required). Note that the final invoice should be submitted at the same time as the Grant Report.

Grant Report Form (Word)

Grant Report – Instructions (PDF)

Please note that project leaders of multi-year projects need to complete a Grant Report for each year of the project and at the end of the project a Final Year Grant Report is required.
Final Year Grant Report [formerly called “Multi Year Reports”]

For projects spanning more than one year, the multi-year final report is a summary or roll-up of all the completed activities and results across the years of the project. New this year, the final report is now added on to the Grant Report for the final year of the project and is due at the same time – April 15th

Example: for a 3-year project:

Year 1 – submit an annual Grant Report by April 15th to receive the 20% holdback on the Year 1 budget.

Year 2 – submit an annual Grant Report by April 15th to receive the 20% holdback on the Year 2 budget.

Year 3 – submit a Final Year Grant Report by April 15th (Sections 1 -9 cover the Year 3 activities and expenditures and Section 10 summarizes Years 1 through 3 inclusive) to receive the 20% holdback on the Year 3 budget.

Final Year Grant Report Instructions (PDF) – Sections 1-9 are the same as the annual Grant Report and Section 10 is the Multi-Year Summary Report (this section also explains the purpose and audience you are writing for as well as guidance on the content of the summary report).

Final Year Grant Report Form (Word)– complete this form and email the completed document along with your final invoice to

Other Reports

Technical Reports

Some HCTF projects produce a comprehensive technical report detailing the methods and analysing the results. Technical reports may require more time to complete and are therefore not tied to the final payment. HCTF requires an electronic copy of the technical report once it is completed. Ideally though, we would like to receive it as an attachment to the Final Year Grant Report.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles:

Some projects may produce information that will be published in a peer-review journal. These articles do not constitute a final report, but are of interest to HCTF. We recognize that published journal articles take time for publication. Please send us a PDF copy of the published article or a link to the article, once it is available.