Cover of ER Trench Blueprint for Action 2013The Rocky Mountain Ecosystem Restoration Program recently released Blueprint for Action 2013. This comprehensive report outlines the Program’s progress over the past 15 years, and includes information on:

  • the ecological rationale for restoration of the region’s grasslands and open forests
  • current and future strategies to achieve region-wide restoration
  • restoration treatments and costs on Crown land, provincial and national parks, private conservation properties and First Nations reserves,
  • a map showing projects completed to date, and
  • lessons learned from the long-term monitoring of restoration projects.

You can download the 4 page summary (PDF, 1 MB), or the complete version of the report (PDF, 7.5 MB).

The Trench ER Program is a long-term undertaking by a coalition of stakeholders working together to restore fire-maintained grassland and open forest ecosystems in the southern Rocky Mountain Trench, located in the East Kootenay region of BC. Restoring grasslands and open forests enhances biodiversity, restores habitat for species at risk, improves grazing (for cattle and wildlife), boosts forest health and reduces the risk of severe wildfire. HCTF supports restoration activities conducted as part of the Trench ER Program through grants to the East Kootenay Grassland Ecosystem Restoration project, providing over $1.5 Million in funding since 2002.