Bert Brink

One of HCTF’s Founding Directors, 1912-2007

Bert Brink was one of the inaugural members of the Habitat Conservation Fund’s Public Advisory Board, a group of volunteers both knowledgable and passionate about conservation who advised the Minister on how Fund dollars should be spent. At the time of his nomination, Bert was the President of the Federation of BC Naturalists, and his enthusiasm for the new fund and scientific expertise made him an ideal candidate for the Board. He served as Vice Chair of HCF, and, along with founding chair Ian McTaggart-Cowan, provided outstanding leadership and instant credibility for the new Fund.

Bert’s encyclopedic knowledge about British Columbia’s people and resources were invaluable. A lifetime learner, Bert deeply valued the chance to be involved in decisions regarding conservation projects across the province. One of the perks of being a member of the PAB was going on field trips to see the progress of various HCF projects. Bert found this most enjoyable, with excursions providing him with the opportunity to see the Province’s many varied ecosystems, and to discuss issues of mutual interest with project leaders. The benefits of these encounters were mutual; Burt was kept up to date on happenings in the conservation world, and project leaders had the opportunity to receive advice and comments about their projects from a respected scientist and naturalist.

The peer-reviewed project proposal process used today to assist the HCTF Board with investment decisions has its roots in the initial advice from Bert and Ian about the need for HCF projects to strive for the highest standards of technical accountability. Its thoroughness is of a level that very few conservation project funding sources can match.

Bert served as a member of the HCF/HCTF Public Advisory Board for 16 years and set an extremely high standard for those members to follow.