Wed, 6 Jan 2016

15 Years of Investments in BC’s Premier Angling Streams

QWS report coverBC has a reputation for outstanding freshwater sport fishing, perhaps best exemplified by its world-class angling opportunities for steelhead and other trout on streams. “Quality Waters” is a descriptive term used by fisheries managers and anglers to describe the sum of all Classified Waters (and some non classified waters) that provide the province’s premier stream angling opportunities. Since 1997, HCTF has received and allocated dedicated funding for a variety of Quality Waters projects across BC. We have just released a report summarizing those investments. The report provides a historical perspective of government licence pricing decisions, documents the revenue received and briefly describes project investments made by HCTF on Quality Waters. It also provides a unique resource to help inform new policies and procedures about the involvement of HCTF in the evolution of the broader provincial Quality Waters Strategy. You can view the report here.