What are Quality Waters?

Quality waters is a term used by fisheries managers and anglers to describe some of BC’s premier streams for angling. The Quality Waters granting program funds activities such as Angling Management Plans (AMPs), the River Guardian Program, and stock assessments on Classified Waters in BC. A full list of eligible activities is available here.

Where does the money come from?

Funding for Quality Waters projects comes from surcharges on licences to angle and/ or guide on Classified Waters in BC.

To find out more about Quality Waters, the report Investing in Conservation with Revenue Associated with British Columbia’s Quality Waters 1997-2012 is available here.

This program is currently limited to established projects. Application forms are provided directly to proponents for each regional project. For more information, contact Barb von Sacken at or 250-940-3013.

Report forms are customized for each project will be provided to project leaders by email. Report forms are due by April 15th each year.

Submitted Program Summary Reports

Each project funded under this program completes an annual report. The most recent summary reports are provided below. For earlier reports, please contact Barb von Sacken at or 250-940-9785.

2018 – 2021 Rollup Report

2018_2021 Quality Waters Summary Report

2020 -2021 Summary Reports

0-545 QWS West Coast Region

6-268 QWS Skeena Region

5-239 QWS Cariboo Region

4-444 QWS Kootenay Region

2019-20 Summary Reports

0-545 West Coast Region

4-444 Kootenay Region

5-239 Cariboo Region

6-268 Skeena Region

2018-19 Summary Reports

0-545 West Coast Region

3-273 Thompson-Okanagan Region

4-444 Kootenay Region

5-239 Cariboo Region

6-268 Skeena Region




The Quality Waters program allows some flexibility for project leaders to make changes to their projects but certain amendments do require pre-approval from HCTF.

  • During the year, a Project Leader may find that one site requires additional expenditures, while other sites may require less. The Project Leader may reallocate up to 30% of their budget between the different sites approved in their proposal, as needed.
  • For re-allocations over 30%, or for sites not approved in the proposal, a project change request form must be submitted to HCTF.
  • Approved funding cannot be reallocated from one Project (region) to another.

Fisheries Project Profiles