Each spring, HCTF accepts grant applications from land trust organizations looking to purchase properties to protect important habitat for BC’s fish and wildlife. Proposed acquisitions are evaluated on criteria such as species richness, connectivity, conservation planning priority, habitats, and impending threats to these values. Financial factors such as partnership funding, stability of the proponent organization, cost per hectare and level of community support are also carefully considered. Because acquisitions are funded with licence surcharge money, properties that also include public fishing and hunting opportunities are generally given priority consideration.

See our Conservation Lands Acquisition page for more information on what the program has accomplished thus far.

The next opportunity to apply for an acquisition grant will be spring of 2021. We will be launching a new online application process soon. The overall content will remain relatively consistent from recent years with a new simplified and easy-to-use application structure. Our new cloud-based system will provide significant improvements by streamlining workflow and adding automated services to increase convenience for applicants. We are very excited to integrate this new system to save everyone time and add more clarity and functionality to our application processes.
Please note that the guidelines and sample documents provided below will not be an exact reflection of the application form within our new online system. However, these resources are still very useful reference documents that outline what information will be required when filling out your application. We will post updated worksheets once they are ready; please check back here.

Please review our 2020-21 Habitat Acquisition Proposal Guidelines if you are interested in submitting a proposal. Provided as reference only: will be updated for 2021-22 soon.

2020-21 Habitat Acquisition Proposal Guidelines


To apply for funding, download the HCTF Acquisition Proposal Application (word document) and HCTF Acquisition Proposal Budget (spreadsheet). Provided as reference only: will be updated for 2021-22 soon.

2020-21 Acquisition Proposal Application 2020-21 Acquisition Budget Spreadsheet


If you have any questions, please contact Karen Barry at or 250-940-9785.

This year’s deadline for submitting grant reports is April 15th, 2021. Please note: if you are able to submit your report prior to the April 15th deadline, we highly encourage you to do so! This will allow us to get you your final payment sooner, by cheque or electronic fund transfer.

An Acquisition Report Form needs to be completed and submitted to HCTF on completion of the purchase, in order to receive the 10% holdback. Please download the form here.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Barry at or 250-940-9785.

Congratulations on your successful application for habitat acquisition funding!

Your funding notification included several funding conditions. These funding conditions must be satisfied prior to HCTF issuing a conditional grant agreement. Once funding conditions are satisfied, you will receive two copies of the conditional grant agreement in the mail and an accompanying checklist. Please read your grant agreement carefully, and complete all requirements on the checklist before returning to HCTF. Questions? Please contact our Financial Officer.

  • Insurance

    Please note the insurance requirements in Section 9 of your Conditional Grant Agreement. You will require a Certificate of Insurance for General Liability: your insurer can assist in completing this certificate.

  • HCTF Acknowledgement

    The support provided by HCTF must be acknowledged in any publicity issued, printed or distributed, including signs, displays, reports, announcements, articles, press releases, or media interviews. Further information on communications guidelines and copies of the HCTF logo are available here.

  • Contract Extensions

    We’ve extended the deadline for applying for a current-year contract extension to April 30, 2020. Contract Extension Request form can be found at the links below:

    Contract Extention Request – Letter

    Contract Extention Request – Form

    HCTF habitat acquisition projects funding approval expires by March 31st of the fiscal year in which it was approved. If your acquisition is going to take longer to complete, you may apply for a contract extension. This is due in early February each year: contact the Financial Officer for more information.

Habitat Acquisition Project Profiles