The Conservation Lands Operations and Management (O&M) Program provides funding to the Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Operations and Rural Development (FLNR) for the management of ministry-administered conservation lands. The program is delivered in partnership with the Nature Trust of British Columbia (NTBC) and Ducks Unlimited Canada (in the South Coast region), including work undertaken on lands leased to FLNR from NTBC. Funding for this program is provided primarily through endowment funds given to HCTF by the Province of British Columbia. This program is limited to a specific set of eligible sites and activities.

Submitted Program Applications

The full program application is submitted every three years. The current three-year funding cycle began on April 1, 2019. Program application packages are shared with the public, as per the Endowment Agreement between HCTF and the Province of British Columbia. For copies of earlier applications, please contact Shannon West at 250-940-9789 or

Submitted Program Summary Reports

Each region funded under this program completes an annual report. Each region’s summary report is shared with the public, as per the Endowment Agreement between HCTF and the Province of British Columbia. The most recent program reports are provided below. For earlier reports, please contact the Conservation Specialist.

2019-20 HCTF Conservation Land Management Summary Report

2018-19 HCTF Conservation Land Management Summary Report

2017-18 HCTF Conservation Land Management Summary Report


The proponent under this program is the Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, who submit an application jointly with the Nature Trust of BC. Representatives from both organizations work together on regional applications to submit to the provincial Project Leader for final submission to HCTF.

Application packages and instructions are submitted directly to regional project leaders.

In recognition of the recent pressures placed on current HCTF grant recipients in the ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19 we have automatically extended this year’s deadline for submitting grant reports to June 30th, 2020. You do not need to apply for this extension. Please note: if you’re able to submit your report prior to the April 15th deadline, we highly encourage you to do so! This will allow us to get you your final payment sooner, by cheque or electronic fund transfer.

The Conservation Lands O&M annual project report is due to HCTF by April 30th each year. Regional project leaders must submit to the provincial Project Leader approximately a week prior to this final deadline.

Report forms and instructions are circulated to regional project leaders via email in March and are provided with a specific deadline for that given year. Please contact Shannon West if you have any questions on reporting or require copies of your forms.

Project Change Requests

HCTF must be contacted for a project change request if you wish to re-allocate funds for an activity requiring more than 30% of your regional budget or $15,000, whichever is lower. For example, there may be a site where a derelict barn has been deemed a safety hazard and requires demolition at significant expense. A project change request is required if the barn demolition was not planned and not in the budget for that site and if it requires more than $15K or 30% of the total regional budget.

A project change request is also required if you wish to spend funds at an eligible site where a property/complex plan was not included in the 2019-22 approved application package. An updated plan must be submitted as part of the project change request, even if funds have been spent at the site in previous funding cycles.

Please contact the Conservation Specialist if you wish to complete a project change request, and the form will be provided.

Eligible Activities List

Please review the Eligible Activities List for information on the specific activities that are eligible under this program. If you are uncertain whether an activity is eligible, please contact Shannon West.

HCTF regularly undertakes an in-depth financial and field review of a selected region within the Conservation Lands O&M program to ensure the program operates within the guiding principles of the program and provides conservation benefits on the ground. The most recent report is available here:

BC/TNTBC Joint Conservation Land Management Program Evaluation Report – June 2018

Conservation Lands O&M Project Profiles