When promoting a project that HCTF has funded, we request that you clearly acknowledge HCTF’s support. By acknowledging HCTF’s contribution to your project, you help us raise awareness of support for conservation in BC and encourage additional contributions for projects like yours.

Guidelines at a glance

  • Use of HCTF logo

    HCTF requires that our logo be prominently displayed on all communications materials related to your project. Different file formats of the logo are available for download below.

  • Acknowledgement Statement

    For text-based materials such as reports and brochures, please include the following acknowledgment statement (in addition to the logo):

    “The (insert Name of Organization) recognizes the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation for making a significant financial contribution to support the (insert Name of Project). Partnerships are key to conserving BC’s wildlife, fish, and their habitats.”

  • FESBC Co-Funding

    For grant recipients who received notification that their approved HCTF project is being co-funded by the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC), please include the FESBC logo (in addition to the HCTF logo) on all project communications materials. The FESBC logo is available for download at the bottom of this page.

  • CHRF Grant Recipients

    As part of the Provincial Caribou Recovery Program, the Province of British Columbia has contributed $8.5 million dollars to HCTF to establish the Caribou Habitat Restoration Fund. This funding will be used to support your project and additional projects using functional and ecological restoration techniques to restore caribou habitat in BC.

    Note that your project has special communications requirements as a result of this funding partnership.

    • Your project must recognize funding support from HCTF and the Province of British Columbia in all communications materials:
      • Communications materials will contain highly visible logos from both HCTF and the Province of BC. The HCTF logo is available on HCTF’s website. The Province of BC logo can be obtained by sending the following request to MFLNRORD: “As a recent funding recipient of the HCTF CHRF program, I’m requesting a copy of the Ministry logo to acknowledge the financial the support of the Ministry for our project.”
      • Communications materials must include the following acknowledgement statement:

    “We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development and the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.”

  • Annual & Final Reports

    Annual reports and final reports for your project should include original high quality digital photos of any fieldwork components of the project. Captions describing the photo are always appreciated. Please note that submitted images are available free of charge to the HCTF for non-exclusive use in promoting HCTF and our grant recipients. If you wish HCTF to credit to the photographer when using these images, please include this request at the time of submission.

  • Use of Partner Organization Logos

    Many of HCTF’s partner organization requires that their logo be prominently displayed on all communications materials related to relevant projects. These partner organizations often have Logo guideline and file suites available on their respective websites. For instance, the Government of British Columbia and its many departments often work closely with HCTF to fund and coordinate projects, guidelines for the use of the BC Government Logo or Mark can be found at their website here.

Note for HCTF grant recipients: as per your Conditional Grant Agreement, HCTF reserves the right to share your contact information with interested members of the media or public for reviewing and discussing project objectives and outcomes.

Questions? Please contact the Communications Department.


  • HCTF Style Guide

    For proponents & partners

  • HCTF Logo Suite

    If you currently have HCTF logos from before 2023, please download this package for the latest versions.

  • FESBC Logo Suite

    For projects co-funded by the Forest Enhancement Society of BC, please include one of the following versions of the FESBC logo alongside the HCTF logo.

  • HCTF Education Logo Suite

    For use in communication about your HCTF Education Grant.