The HCTF Fisheries Operations and Maintenance Program provides funding to the Province for the operations and maintenance of infrastructure initially funded, whole or in part, by HCTF Enhancement and Restoration Grant funding. Examples include the operations and maintenance of lake aeration systems, spawning channels and dams/diversions. This program is limited to a specific set of eligible sites.


An Aerator Replacement Fund (ARF) was created in 2023 by the HCTF to support and provide funding for the capital replacement costs of aerators originally purchased with HCTF funding.

This program is limited to established projects. Application forms are provided directly to proponents for each regional project. For more information, contact Barb von Sacken at or 250-940-3013.

Capital Asset Requests

In order to maximize the on-the-ground impact of every conservation dollar, HCTF will consider requests for capital assets where they are necessary to complete the project and where the cost per asset does not exceed $3,500. This threshold may be lifted in certain circumstances, such as for immobile assets (e.g. cattleguards, aerators, etc.). Please contact HCTF to discuss if you wish to request an asset over $3,500. Note that any asset purchased must only be used for conservation purposes.


Application forms for aerator funding are sent to proponents with their 3 year application forms. If you would like to apply for out of cycle aerator replacement funding Barb von Sacken at or 250-940-3013.

  • Conditional Grant Agreement

    For Provincial Government project leaders, HCTF coordinates one agreement with the Province that encompasses all approved Government projects. It is the responsibility of all Ministry project leaders to become familiar with the requirements and conditions of their Conditional Grant Agreement, and they are also encouraged to request and review their specific agreement from Headquarters.

  • Project Change Requests

    The HCTF Fisheries O&M program does allow some flexibility for project leaders to make changes to their projects but certain amendments do require pre-approval from HCTF. Please read the following to determine whether or not you will need to contact HCTF prior to making project changes:

    • If you want to move money within your project in the current fiscal year: As long as you are moving money from an activity & site approved in the proposal to a different activity & site approved in the proposal, you do not require pre-approval from HCTF. We will be able to see where you made budget changes in your report.
    • If you want to move money to an activity or site/infrastructure not approved in the proposal within the fiscal year and/or want to request a budget increase: Complete a project change request form.
    • If you want to make changes to the next year’s proposed sites, activities, or funding amount: Submit a revised proposal with changes to HCTF in January of the year before the proposed changes for review by the HCTF Board of Directors. HCTF will email you a reminder in December with a deadline for submitting a revised proposal.

    Please contact the Project Coordinator, Barb von Sacken if you wish to complete a project change request.

  • HCTF Acknowledgement

    The support provided by HCTF must be acknowledged in any publicity issued, printed or distributed, including signs, displays, reports, announcements, articles, press releases, or media interviews. Full information on HCTF communications guidelines and copies of the HCTF logo are available here.

The Fisheries O&M annual project report is due to HCTF by April 15th each year. Please note: if you are able to submit your report prior to the April 15th deadline, we highly encourage you to do so! This will allow us to get you your final payment sooner, by cheque or electronic fund transfer.

Report forms are customized for each project and will be provided to project leaders in late February or early March. Report forms are due by April 15th each year.

Fisheries O&M Project Profiles