HCTF receives revenue from a variety of sources, using it
to provide funding for conservation projects across
British Columbia. The following represents averages
based on our most recent financial statements.

62% | Surcharge Revenue

HCTF’s largest source of funding comes from a conservation surcharge on freshwater fishing, hunting, trapping and guide outfitting licences sold in BC. The surcharge amount varies for each licence type – see the Hunting Licence Regulation of BC’s Wildlife Act for more information on surcharges on hunting licences, and Schedule C of the Angling and Scientific Regulation section of the Wildlife Act for information on fishing licence surcharges.

You can purchase your Freshwater Fishing licence online using the BC Government’s e-licencing system. 100% of the revenue from freshwater fishing licences goes back into the resource, with the conservation surcharge directed to HCTF and the fee portion provided to the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.

You can now also purchase a BC resident hunting licence online – please visit the BC government website for details.

16% | Investment Income

HCTF manages multiple endowments and uses the investment income to fund BC conservation projects.

17% | Restricted Contributions and Court Awards

2% | Special Permits Auction

HCTF receives 85% of the proceeds from the annual auction for a special permit to hunt a wild sheep in BC. HCTF invests ¾ of this amount into projects focussed on wild sheep conservation, and the remaining ¼ is reserved for projects benefitting other species that use the same habitats as mountain sheep. You can read more about our investment of special permits funds in this report.

1% | Land Management Revenue

1% | Sales of Education Material & Educational Contributions

1% | General Donations

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