HCTF Vanderhoof Field Tour

  • Tuesday, 16 July 2013
In late June, the HCTF Board visited Vanderhoof for some on-the-ground experience with a range of HCTF-funded projects. The morning began with a regional orientation by Wayne Salewski and a presentation by Ray Pillipow on the Nechako River Bull Trout Project, wherein radio tagging is being used to evaluate the potential for bull trout retention […]
An HCTF Silver Award was presented to the Vancouver Island Urban Lakes Fisheries Development Program this week in recognition of its efforts to increase angler participation by improving fishing infrastructure at lakes near urban centres. Scott Silvestri of MFLRNO leads the project, which has already received over $75,000 in grants from HCTF, with another $54,000 […]
The following stroy was published in the 2013 July/August issue of Outdoor Edge magazine.  On July 24, 2007, construction workers punctured a pipeline in Burnaby, sending crude oil spraying 12 metres into the air. The black geyser flooded surrounding homes and oil poured into the storm sewers, eventually making its way to the waters of […]
Fifteen community-based fish & wildlife projects will be given a helping hand this summer as grant recipients of HCTF’s Public Conservation Assistance Fund. Over $65,000 has been granted to projects working to build habitat, remove invasive species and introduce angling to people who might not otherwise get the chance. Volunteers are an essential component of […]

New Project Profiles

  • Thursday, 20 June 2013
We’ve posted a couple of new stories on our Project Profiles page. Teacher Sara Germain describes her class’s week-long outdoor learning experience at the Hakai Beach Institute, or read about HCTF’s involvement in the long-awaited restoration of Penticton Creek. More project profiles coming soon!