HCTF staff may be coming to a project near you! On April 12th, Lynne Bonner and Jane Algard visited Ladner to do a project site evaluation on the “Provision of Waterfowl and Raptor Habitat within Managed Grasslands on Lower Fraser River Farmland” project.  Christine Terpsma of the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust took us on a tour of farmlands that are under stewardship agreements in the Ladner/Delta area near Vancouver.  HCTF funding ensures local farmers plant winter cover crops (for waterfowl) and grassland set-asides (for raptors) to provide a diversity of habitats for wildlife. 2-349 Swans-Cover-Crop-D-Bradbeer-webTrumpeter Swans graze on winter cover crops planted by Ladner-area farmers. We saw the evidence of success: some winter cover crops were eaten down to bare ground, we spotted a number of hunting northern harriers in the set-asides, and hundreds of snow geese landed in a field next to us. As an added bonus – we sighted three snowy owls!  Thanks Christine, for your time and your enthusiasm for wildlife conservation. 2-349 SNGO-in-Delta-field-D-Bradbeer-webAbove: A flock of Snow Geese comes in for a landing in Ladner.