Sturgeon Handling Video Debut

  • Wednesday, 08 July 2015
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The Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society (FRSCS) has just released a new online video tutorial designed to educate anglers on how to fish for and handle sturgeon in ways that minimizes stress on the animals that make up this world-class catch-and-release fishery.     This video is a critical resource for all anglers targeting White Sturgeon,” said Erin Stoddard, government biologist and HCTF project leader. “White Sturgeon are a special species, with special concerns and unique qualities that make this fishery distinct from all other recreational fisheries. By applying these best practice techniques, this catch-and-release fishery can have a minimal effect on these amazing fish,” Founded in 1997, the FRSCS is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Fraser River white sturgeon. The FRSCS identifies and addresses issues that affect the sturgeon in the Fraser River watershed using critical data collected through its award-winning, volunteer-driven monitoring and assessment program. In addition, the FRSCS conducts public relations and communication initiatives and offers the HSBC Fraser River Sturgeon Education Program – a curriculum-based education program sponsored by HSBC Bank Canada, to promote community understanding of white sturgeon. The FRSCS recognizes the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and anglers, hunters, trappers and guides who contribute to the Trust, for making a significant financial contribution to support this video. Without such support, this project would not have been possible.