Trail Cam Photos

We love to receive photos of our grant recipients’ projects, especially when they feature the fish or wildlife benefitting from the work. Below is a series of trail cam photos captured at an HCTF-funded habitat restoration site in the Kootenays. What a fantastic variety of mammals using this trail! First up, the mountain goats: Mountain_Goats_1.jpg Mountain_Goats_2.jpg Mountain_Goats_4.jpg Mountain_goat_mom_and_kid.jpg Mountain_Goats_Leaving_2.jpg Elk: Elk.jpg Deer: Deer_in_distance.jpg Moose: Moose.jpg And now for the carnivores, starting with a couple of cougar shots: Cougar.jpg Cougar_night.jpg Bobcat: bobcat_1.jpg And a glimpse of a bear: Bear_bum.jpg   Do you have a great photo of BC’s fish or wildlife? Enter our 2015 photo contest! First prize is a $500 VISA gift card. For full contest details, visit out photo contest page.