About HCTF

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation is an environmental granting organization, inviting proposals from individuals or groups who have good ideas to help BC’s fish, wildlife and habitats.

We use a rigorous process based on the best available science to evaluate proposals, and we provide grants to individuals and organizations to undertake projects which benefit native fish and wildlife species and their habitats. We also invest in education and engagement programs to connect British Columbians to the natural world.

Vision: A future where freshwater fish, wildlife and their habitats are healthy and valued by all British Columbians.

Mission Statement: It is the mission of HCTF to improve the conservation outcomes of BC’s fish and wildlife, and the habitats in which they live. We make a difference by funding conservation projects and by educating and engaging the public about BC’s natural assets.

What Kind of Work Does HCTF Fund?

On-the-Ground Conservation Projects

HCTF funds a variety of conservation work including:

  • Projects that restore, maintain, or enhance native freshwater fish and wildlife populations and habitats.
  • Information, education, and stewardship projects that enhance users’ enjoyment of fish, wildlife, and habitats or that foster human attitudes and behaviours favourable to management and conservation.
  • Projects that acquire land or interests in land to secure the value of these areas for conservation purposes.

These investments contribute to healthy and diverse populations of native fish and wildlife by improving knowledge, restoring or managing habitats, and enabling stewardship. Research funding is limited to projects having a direct management or conservation applications for these species and their habitats. 

Environmental Education

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation strongly believes that education is a critical component of conservation. Our in-house environmental education program, HCTF Education, provides grants to classrooms and schools, professional development workshops for teachers, and publications and other resources to connect individuals and communities to nature.

What Makes HCTF Unique?

  • Dedicated funding obtained from conservation surcharges on angling, hunting, trapping, and guiding licences;
  • Provincial scope;
  • Ability to fund acquisition of key habitats;
  • Named as a beneficiary of court awards arising from environmental infractions, and,
  • Ability to fund up to 100% of costs of certain projects.

HCTF is a registered charity and welcome donations from all people and organizations who wish to contribute to conservation in BC.

Governing Documents

There are three documents that govern the establishment and operations of HCTF:

  1. Part 3 of the Wildlife Act: Establishes the Habitat Conservation Trust, names the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation as Trustee, defines what money must go into the Trust, and what that money may be used for.
  2. The Constitution and Bylaws of the Foundation: Specifies the rules by which the Foundation will operate as trustee.
  3. HCTF Strategic Plan: A working document developed by the Board of Directors and staff to guide the annual operations of the Foundation. The Strategic plan outlines three goals for achieving the its vision:  “A future where freshwater fish, wildlife and their habitats are healthy and valued by all British Columbians.”
    • Goal 1: Increased conservation  outcomes for fish, wildlife and habitats
    • Goal 2: Increase British Columbians’ participation in environmental stewardship, education and responsible use
    • Goal 3: Expand HCTF’s role as a Trusted Partner in managing and administering conservation funding

For more information on these Goals and their corresponding Objectives, download a copy of the current Strategic Plan