Thu, 9 May 2019
Tags: Education

Congratulations HCTF Education, Cmolik Award Finalist!

HCTF Education Cmolik Prize Finalists

Congratulations to HCTF Education for being named a finalist for the Cmolik Prize for the Enhancement of Pub­lic Education in BC. The prize recognizes recipients who have developed and implemented an invention, innova­tion, concept, process or procedure that enhances educa­tional practice in the British Columbia K-12 public school system.


“On behalf of the entire environmental learning community of educators who help the program to thrive and grow, we are very honoured,” says Kerrie Mortin, HCTF Education Program manager. “Our belief is that every student in BC should be able to learn and experience BC’s great outdoor classroom.”

HCTF Education helps to meet the needs and challenges faced by schools and teachers to implement environ­mental learning in the classroom. This includes providing field trip (GO Grants) and conservation high school grants (LEAP), school programs (Wild Schools and Environmental Exchange Box), access to a network of environmental educators (WildBC Facilitators), and educational resources. HCTF Edu­cation programs and support network continue to be a catalyst and voice for environmental educational initiatives that support changes across the diverse geographies and cultures of BC.

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