HCTF offers education grants to support opportunities for BC youth to learn, experience and connect to our natural world.


GO Grant funding covers:

  • Transportation to field study location: bus, train, boat or mileage
  • Outdoor field trip equipment
    (e.g. dip nets, hand magnifiers, etc.) or habitat stewardship project materials (e.g. native plants, student gloves for planting)
  • Outdoor field trip leader, secondary school (grades 9-12) teacher on call costs and/or program fees
  • Grants for individual K-12 classes for up to $600

Key grant criteria:

  • Conducted outdoors in a nature setting
  • Focused on learning about BC’s fish, wildlife, habitats or biodiversity
  • Linked to curriculum
  • Hands-on or experiential for students
  • Planned with before and after extensions to the trip or project
  • K-12 classes are welcome to apply

GO Grants Overview

How to Apply:

  • Application deadlines
    • February 1st
    • September 1st
  • Applications are submitted through our Survey Apply online application system. Click here to Apply
    • Please read our criteria in our About section of the GO Grant web area before you apply or email us at if you have any questions.
  • Important information
    • Only K-12 classes or schools in BC can apply. We no longer accept district-wide applications.
    • Only one field trip request per class will be considered for grants. Exceptions include those requests for project materials and used for multiple trips ( e.g. Forest Fridays or Wednesday Walking Nature hikes) or as funds are available each funding cycle.
    • One GO Grant per school year will be awarded. Successful applicants will need to wait until the following school year to reapply.

Education Program Stories