Tue, 14 Aug 2018

HCTF Seeks New Manager of Biology and Evaluation

Kathryn Martell and family

“Everything changes and nothing stays still.”


Kathryn Martell, HCTF’s head biologist and manager of evaluation, has made the decision to leave her position to spend more time with her young family.

Message from Kathryn:

It’s been almost 3 years since I came to work for HCTF after years on the “other side” of funding conservation projects. We’re about to enter another proposal cycle, which is an exciting time for my role as Manager of the Biology & Evaluation components of HCTF’s work: we never know quite what will come through the hopper each year, and reading ~250 proposals provides an unparalleled bird’s-eye view of conservation issues in the province.

So it is with mixed feelings that I am now planning my departure. I have decided to resign my position. I am excited to have an opportunity to be home with my young kids (and elderly dogs)—but I know that I will miss being part of HCTF’s work. In particular, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with such a dedicated, passionate, and sometimes quirky team of staff, Board members, technical reviewers, and project leaders, and being part of an organization that has the ability to truly effect positive conservation outcomes in BC.

We have posted Kathryn’s position on the Careers page of our website, with an application deadline of September 7th, 2018.

This posting is the latest in what has been a year of substantial change and growth for the Foundation:

  • Jane Algard retired after a long career with HCTF and Courtney Sieben stepped into the role of Conservation Grants Specialist.
  • CFO Aaron Bremner began a two-year leave of absence to spend time with his family. Finance Officer Katelynn Schriner moved up into the role of Acting CFO and Jade Neilson joined HCTF in the Finance Officer position.
  • Our Administrative Coordinator Amy Strange moved back to Ontario and we welcomed new administrator Cherish Fairclough.
  • Dr. Winifred Kessler was elected as Chair of the HCTF Board of Directors following Ross Peck’s decision to retire after 11 years of service on the Board.
  • Communications Officer Shannon West became HCTF’s Manager of Program Development, a newly created position that is currently focussed on administering the Caribou Habitat Restoration Fund. Heather Forbes will start as HCTF’s new Communications Officer this September.
  • The HCTF Board of Directors approved a new position to support HCTF’s Environmental Education program and Communications. We expect to post this position this fall.

In addition to these changing faces, HCTF will also be shifting spaces. After eight years at the Dallas Road location, HCTF will be moving to 102 – 2957 Jutland Road on September 6th to accommodate our growing team. We are working to ensure as little disruption to service as possible and will post further information on what to expect during our office transition closer to our moving date.