PCAF Project Management & Reporting

Congratulations on the approval of your PCAF project!

Following are guidelines for administering your grant (print version) :

  • Grant Funds may only be used on the approved project. You will have received a cheque along with your letter of approval. It is suggested that the cheque be deposited in a separate bank account under the name of your Club or Organization (if applicable) in order to facilitate accurate and uncomplicated bookkeeping. At the discretion of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation an independent audit may be undertaken.
  • Grant Term: It is a policy of the fund to allow up to five (5) years for the implementation of the project and expenditure of the Grant. Note that five (5) years is the maximum time over which a specific project may be funded. Any unused funds must be returned within sixty (60) days of completion, termination or expiration of the allowable term.
  • Applying for Additional Funding: If you intend to apply for further grants to continue the same project or for grants for a new project, you must submit a new application each year and include expenditure details and information on the progress of your currently funded PCAF project.
  • HCTF Acknowledgement: The support provided by the Public Conservation Assistance Fund must be acknowledged in any publicity issued, printed or distributed, including signs, displays, reports, announcements, articles, press releases, or media interviews. Further information on communications guidelines and copies of the HCTF and PCAF logo are available here.

Additional Responsibilities

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all authorization documents, licenses, and permits are obtained before commencing work. If your project involves working near or on the water then you must apply for a water rights license from the Regional Water Management Branch in the district in which the project is to occur.
  • Any employees, volunteers or agents working on the Project must be competent, properly trained and instructed, and exercise a standard of care as required to undertake and successfully complete the Project.
  • You must ensure that all health and safety standards are met.

Reporting: A report on your Public Conservation Assistance Fund project is required upon completion of your project. The PCAF Report Form is designed to assist you in fulfilling this requirement. Please include any available photos documenting your project, news clippings, etc. as these are useful for displays, presentations and other public relations activities. Email your completed report to or mail it to:

Public Conservation Assistance Fund
#102 – 2957 Jutland Road
Victoria, BC V8T 5J9