Fri, 28 Jul 2017

Wanted: Reports of Barn Swallow Nests and Bat Roosts on the South Coast


Above: Barn swallow and chicks in nest. Photo: TexasEagle

The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project is asking for the community’s help in monitoring populations of two threatened wildlife groups: swallows and bats. Both groups often live in proximity to humans.

The Barn Swallow was once one of world’s most widespread and common birds, but has experience devastating population declines, declining by more than 90% across North America in the past 40 years. Barn Swallows nest on houses, barns, garages, sheds, and bridges, upon which they build cup-shaped nests of mud mixed with grasses. Many bats have adapted to live in human structures, and maternity colonies may be found in the summer under roofs or siding, or in attics, barns, or other buildings.

Half on BC’s bats are species at risk, and the recent arrival of White Nose Syndrome on the west coast has dramatically increased the threat.

Community members can help these threatened animals by reporting swallow nests and bat roost on their property so they can be included in province-wide monitoring efforts. Wildlife Project biologists can provide guidance about how to coexist with the animals, or options for exclusion if desired. Please email or call 604-989-1007 to report a swallow nest or bat roost. The Wildlife Project also has bat houses and swallow nest structures available for those wishing to enhance habitat on their property.

HCTF is a proud supporter of the Sunshine Coast Community Wildlife Habitat Stewards project