The following is a list of media articles about HCTF or HCTF projects published from April 2013 through December 2016. Links to more recent articles can be found here


Shot grizzlies posed threat, court told

December 20, 2016
Prince George Citizen

The owner of a farm near Dunster was within his right to shoot four grizzly bears who had ventured onto his property, a provincial court judge found during a hearing earlier this month.

Where Arlan Harry Baer went wrong was failing to report the shooting. For that he was fined $500 and ordered to donate a further $1,500 to the Habitat Conservation Trust.

Hunt Endangers cougar’s young: study

Nov 6, 2016

Times Colonist

Cougar hunters in B.C. who target and kill big adult cats are linked with increasing subsequent dangerous interactions with people, says the University of Victoria co-author of a new study.The death of mature, mainly male, cougars provides inroads for immature “teenage” cougars to get in trouble with risky behaviour.

Bull elk horns in on cattle community in heart of Fraser Valley

October 29, 2016
Vancouver Sun

First came the provincial government’s reintroduction of Roosevelt elk from the Sunshine Coast to a series of wilderness watersheds from the Squamish River Valley to Harrison Lake.

Then the elk starting showing up unexpectedly in urban communities bordering those watersheds, including in Maple Ridge alongside the bustling Lougheed Highway.

How a moose tax can help B.C. wildlife conservation

October 23, 2016
Globe and Mail

Is it time for a moose tax?

Faced with declining game populations and the increasing complexities of wildlife management, people are starting to look at new funding models.

Williams Lake kindergarten has great outdoors for classroom

Oct 23, 2016
CBC News

A new kindergarten class in Williams Lake is seeing some real success in the classroom, its teacher says, although the class isn’t a room at all.

Sylvia Swift is teaching the school district’s first “nature kindergarten” which keeps kids outside all day to add a natural element to the lessons.

Northern Pike Causing Concern as it Moves into B.C. Waters

Oct 2, 2016
The Globe and Mail

When Dan Doutaz hears a ping in his headphones coming from the watery depths of the Columbia River, he enters another data point on the continued invasion of an unwanted species.

Northern pike – a ravenous, predatory fish that is expected to have devastating impact on native salmon and trout populations – are making their way into southern British Columbia.

Article on HCTF Project 4-493, Columbia River Northern Pike removal — Risk and feasibility of control

Wetlands Near Logan Lake Being Restored

Sept 19, 2016
CBC Kamloops

In the eighties, people in Logan Lake put in a golf course.

While it was great for the residents, it played havoc with the local wetlands.

Since 2011, a group of biologists and BCIT students have been trying to change that though habitat restoration.

River Habitat Reclaimed Near Logan Lake

Sept 14, 2016
Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

n important wetland area near Logan Lake that was affected by the construction of the Meadow Creek Golf Course has been restored over the past six years; and the public are invited to an open house to see the results. The project is a partnership between students from the B.C. Institute of Technology (BCIT) Ecological Restoration Program and various environmental and local groups (Article about HCTF Project 3-344, Meadow Creek Golf Course Wetlands Restoration).

Creek made fish-friendly

Sept 15th, 2016

It’s been years of planning and fundraising, since 2002 work was underway to provide flood-protection and environmental benefits to Mission Creek.

The Mission Creek Restoration Initiative was launched in 2008 to address declining fish stocks by restoring natural hydraulic and biological functions to the lower 12 km of Mission Creek from the East Kelowna bridge to Okanagan Lake.

Art philanthropist looks to save BC’s grizzly bears

Sept 8, 2016
CBC News

Leading Canadian philanthropist Michael Audain is turning his attention to grizzly bears after years protecting and displaying masterpieces of art.

Mission benefits from two wetland enhancement projects

September 4, 2016
Mission Record

Nature enthusiasts in Mission have something to celebrate.

Last week, wetland enhancement projects occurred at both Silverdale Wetlands and Dewdney Elementary School during the delivery of a week-long Wetlands Institute workshop hosted by the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF)

(Article about HCTF Project 3-272, BCWF Wetlands Institute)

Wildlife Habitat Prescribed Burns set for East Kootenays this week

August 31, 2016
The Free Press

Prescribed burns are planned for the East Kootenays this week, assuming the weather forecast holds. First comes Raymond and Donald (Disappearing) Creeks elevation drainages south of the Elk River in the Galton Range on Wednesday. The next day, September 1, are two areas east of Wasa in the Estella and Wolf Creek areas.

High-tech Moose Management

August 30, 2016
Ashcroft Cache Creek Journal

A new interactive tool is allowing British Columbians to help wildlife biologists monitor moose populations and inform conservation efforts. The B.C. Moose Tracker app, available through iTunes, lets users upload information on the number, sex, and location of moose they encounter in the wild.

Government releases moose-tracking app

August 30, 2016
Merritt Herald

A new mobile app introduced by the B.C. government will allow people who encounter moose in B.C.’s wilderness to monitor moose populations and inform conservation efforts.

Wanna be a moose tracker?

August 26, 2016

Keeping track of moose in the province is a tap away.

Seymour Rock Slide Blasting Begins

August 25, 2016
North Shore News

The Seymour Salmonid Society is moving mountains to save the Seymour River as a habitat for salmon and steelhead – or at least breaking boulders.

Work kicked off this week for the mitigation project to slowly blast away some of the 50,000 cubic metres of granite that slid into the Seymour in December 2014, making its impassible for spawning fish.

Province Wants Help Tracking Moose with New App

August 25th 2016
890 CJDC

Next time you see a moose – the province of BC wants to know.

BC’s Moose Tracker app launched this week encouraging British Columbians to record any moose findings.

Moose Tracker is the most Canadian App Ever

August 25, 2016
Cantech Letter

BC’s provincial government has just released its Moose Tracker app, which is aimed at collecting data on moose populations so as to help with conservation efforts.
Available through iTunes, the app allows users to upload information on moose sightings including location and sex of animals spotted in the wild.

BC Modernizes Moose Management with Moose Tracker App

August 24, 2016
My Prince George Now

The Ministry of Forests and the BC Wildlife Federation are bringing the province’s wildlife management strategy into the 21st century with an app for mapping moose populations.

The BC Moose Tracker app will allow members of the public to upload information – including number, sex and location – of moose they encounter in the wild.

Moose tracking app released by provincial government

August 24, 2016
CBC News

If you see a moose in the wild, the B.C. government wants you to tell them about it.

A new app called B.C. Moose Tracker was released yesterday, allowing people to directly upload information about their encounters with moose to an online database. It also includes a digital version of the 2016-2018 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis, a searchable summary of provincial hunting regulations.

Moose tracker app released to public

August 23, 2016
Prince George Citizen

The provincial government has released an application to the public to help wildlife biologists monitor moose populations.

The B.C. Moose Tracker app, available through iTunes, lets users upload information on the number, sex and location of moose they encounter in the wild directly to an online database.

Hunters and Hikers to Help Track B.C. Moose

August 23, 2016
Kelowna Now

British Columbia is hoping that hunters and hikers can help count the number of moose in the province.

The province has created a new app that will help track moose. The tool will let people help wildlife biologists monitor moose populations and inform conservation efforts.

Province delivers moose-tracking smartphone app

August 23, 2016
Global News

The province of B.C. has developed a moose-tracking smartphone app to help monitor moose populations.

Now available through iTunes, the B.C. Moose Tracker app is supposed to be used when someone spots a moose. Users are told to log the number, sex, and location of the moose they see – information that will be entered into an online database that will alert staff to issues in the province’s moose population.

A Mid-summer Night’s Bat has Resulted in Increased Sightings on the North Coast

Aug 11, 2016
Northern View

The Skeena Community Bat Project wants to remind residents that mid-summer has more bats flying into a home, on the ground or roosting in peculiar spots.
Young bat pups are the reason for the increased activity.

Trench Society Marks 20th Anniversary

June 29, 2016
Cransbrook Townsman

Twenty years ago eight grassroots organizations in the East Kootenay and Upper Columbia Valley joined forces to initiate a ground-breaking program aimed at restoring grassland and open forest ecosystems in the southern Rocky Mountain Trench.

The coalition of hunters, ranchers, naturalists and environmentalists recognized that an ecosystem restoration program with a broad base of support was vital to sustain the region’s exceptionally rich diversity of plants and animals, and the people who depend on them

Students Share in Inlet Restoration Work

June 25, 2016
North Shore News

In the summer of 2007, a punctured pipeline sent 224,000 litres of Kinder Morgan’s heavy synthetic crude into the air like a geyser.

Approximately 78,000 litres of oil seeped into the Burrard Inlet, impacting 17 kilometres of shoreline and costing Kinder Morgan more than $15 million in remediation costs.

After pleading guilty to violating the Environmental Management Act, the three companies involved in the accident were fined $450,000 – money that went to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Eavesdropping on Bats

June 23, 2016

A team of local researchers are monitoring bat populations in the province using bat detectors as part of the North American Bat Monitoring Program.

This continent-wide program aims to monitor bat species distributions and relative abundance over time.

This information is particularly important in B.C., since White Nose Syndrome, the disease that is decimating bat populations in the eastern part of the continent, was recently confirmed in Washington and is expected to arrive in British Columbia soon.

No change to trophy hunting of B.C. grizzlies, says B.C. government

June 14, 2016
BC Business

An introductory letter in the regulations handbook from Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Steve Thomson says that the government is in the midst of a five-year research project to determine the causes of declining moose numbers. This summer, with the support of the BC Wildlife Federation and funding from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, it will launch a downloadable BC Moose Tracker app for mobile devices so anyone can upload information on moose sightings directly from the field to an online database.

Quesnel Lake Study Nets Award

May 31, 2016
Williams Lake Tribune

A five-year study examining the effects of angling pressures on resident rainbow, bull and lake trout in Quesnel Lake has netted local ministry staff a prestigious provincial award.

The Quesnel Lake fish tagging program, which was launched in 2013 in response to requests to review restrictive fishing regulations, won the Silver Award from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund recently.

Illegal Hunt Costs Licence

May 31, 2016

Hunting out of season cost a Kelowna man his rifle and his hunting licence for three years.

Demetre Antoniou was found guilty on May 25 of hunting, trapping or wounding wildlife out of season

White-Nose Syndrome found in WA State could spell disaster for BC bats

May 27, 2016
Global News

A deadly bat disease that has recently been found in Washington State, could be a disaster for the bat population in B.C.

Bat count volunteers needed

May 26, 2016
Williams Lake Tribune

For the first time residents in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region are being asked to participate in the annual BC Community Bat Program count taking place between June and August.

Students Release Salmon Into the Wild

May 19, 2016
Okanagan Advertiser

After having watched 40 salmon growing up in the school’s large aquarium for the past six months, grindrod Elementary students finally had the opportunity to release the fish into the wild at the Kingfisher Creek Ecological Reserve last week. 

Water’s Edge: Industry versus nature in Canada’s busiest port

May 9, 2016
Vancouver Sun

When we look out at the craggy industrial face of the Port of Vancouver, we see freighters from around the world, piles of sulphur and coal, grain unloaded from rail cars into silos, commercial float planes, tugs, ferries and gantries moving container cargo.
Much less obvious is the natural world that defies the odds and makes its home within the bustling waters and unyielding infrastructure of the inner harbour.

Volunteers Improve Shorelines

May 5 2016
Coast Reporter

With the help of volunteers of all ages, along with Gibsons, Sechelt and Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) parks staff, the Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project has completed a marathon week of work parties to improve shoreline habitats at three community sites. 

Fish Conservation 

April 29, 2016
Cowichan Valley Citizen

Several fish conservation projects in the Cowichan Valley will receive funding from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Included in the almost $500,000 the foundation has committed to on Vancouver Island this year is $48,000 in grants for the BC Conservation Foundation to identify and restore degraded habitats in Cowichan Lake and the Lower Cowichan River.

Schools Funded 

April 17, 2016
Vernon Morning Star

North Okanagan-Shuswap schools are getting a financial boost to help the environment.

Five schools, plus an additional 10 classes through a district-wide grant, will receive about $7,700 for outdoor education field trips.

Researchers Tracking Bats

April 15, 2016
Salmon Arm Observer

At the end of March, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that White-Nose Syndrome had been detected on a dead bat near Seattle, Washington.

Deadly Bat Disease Detected on West Coast

April 14, 2016
Coast Reporter

The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project is asking residents to help local bats as a deadly disease has moved ever closer.

On March 31, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that white nose syndrome had been detected on a dead bat near Seattle. This is very worrisome for the health of bat populations in British Columbia.

Kootenay bat experts worried about spread of White Nose Syndrome to Washington

April 7, 2016
Revelstoke Review

On March 31, 2016, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that White-Nose Syndrome had been detected on a dead bat near Seattle, Washington. This is very worrisome for the health of bat populations in British Columbia. The BC Community Bat Program in collaboration with BC government and Wildlife Conservation Society Canada is developing a rapid response to this emerging crisis.

Salmon Enhancement Project on Lynn Creek Estuary Complete

April 6, 2016
North Shore News

Accommodations are cosy, close to nature, and government-subsidized: they’re also for fish.

The District of North Vancouver recently wrapped up work on the Lynn Creek estuary leading to Burrard Inlet in the hopes of creating a refuge for juvenile fish and spawning salmon.

The DNV project was done in partnership with the City of North Vancouver, Port Metro Vancouver, the BCIT Rivers Institute and the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. Fisheries and Oceans Canada made the biggest contribution with $100,000 while the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation chipped in with $50,000. 

Crossbow Hunter Faces Jail and Hefty Fine

March 24, 2016
Penticton Western News

A man who shot a pregnant doe out of season with a crossbow is facing jail time and a hefty fine. A large portion of Thurston’s fine is going towards the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, supporting fish and wildlife conservation projects in B.C.

BC Mining and Mineral Company Fined $3.4M for Polluting the Environment

March 8, 2016
Kelowna Now

A B.C. mining and mineral development company has been convicted of two environmental management act violations in the BC Interior.

Teck Fine Potential Conservation Windfall

March 3, 2016 – Juice 103.5 FM

No one wants to see environmental pollution, but our community should take some comfort that a mechanism exists in law to address that.
This from Brian Springinotic, the CEO of BC’s Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.
It will receive a near $400,000 windfall as part of the $3.4 million fine handed to Teck Metals Limited this week for several spills into the Columbia River.

Abuse of grasslands ‘appalling,’ club says

March 2, 2016
Kamloops News

Abuse of grasslands in the Dewdrop ecological reserve has grown exponentially and demands a concerted effort to protect fragile habitat, say local naturalists.

B.C. conservation officers looking for illegally hunted ram

March 2, 2016
Alaska Highway News

A Moberly Lake man has been ordered to pay $4,500 in fines after illegally killing a stone sheep near Smithers—the head of which has allegedly been stolen.

B.C. conservation officers looking for illegally hunted ram

March 1, 2016
Terrace Standard

A man convicted of hunting illegally in the Spatsizi Provincial Park was ordered by court to turn over the ram he killed but said he couldn’t because it had been stolen.

Teck Fined $3.4 million

March 1, 2016

Trail Times

Teck Trail Operations was penalized $3.4 million in Rossland Provincial Court on Monday. $390,000 will be directed to the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.

Wanted: Public reports on local bat activity

Feb 24, 2016
Arrow Lakes News
Castlegar Source

Connect with Us

posted Feb 24, 2016 at 11:00 PM
Our local bats are gone for the winter and their whereabouts are currently unknown in the Kootenay region. Biologists are requesting reports from citizens of bats found hibernating during the cold season.

B.C. government urged to stop spread of deadly diseases to wild bighorns

Feb 15, 2016
Vancouver Sun

Foreign trophy hunters pay up to $20,000, or more, to shoot a wild bighorn in B.C. Hunting fees collected through the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation fund a coordinator for a “sheep separation program” that seeks solutions in individual cases in addition to other initiatives by hunting organizations.

NHL Player’s Father Speaks Out about B.C. Bear Killing

January 29, 2016
Kelowna Now

On January 27th Stoner was found guilty of hunting a grizzly bear without a license. The hockey player was fined under the BC Wildlife Act $4,000.00, ordered to pay $6,000.00 to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, and he was given a three year hunting prohibition.

Mission Creek Restoration Initiative set to complete first phase of widening of Mission Creek

Jan 21, 2016 
Kelowna Capital News

Over the course of a 45 year engineering career, Don Dobson has spent a lot of time working with rivers and streams, working to control flows. Much of the work in the early part of his career was spent containing water flows in places like Chilliwack and Steveston, where he worked on dikes on the Fraser River.But now Dobson is seeing a significant change in his work and it’s directly happening here in Kelowna as a large group of community partners works to try to restore Mission Creek to a more natural flow.

Vancouver Man Convicted for Illegal Moose Hunt Near Kamloops

December 21, 2015
Vancouver Info News

Yue Xin Xiao was convicted in Kamloops Provincial Court on Dec. 17 of possessing dead wildlife, not abiding by hunting prohibitions and not retrieving edible portions from the animal. He was fined $3,738 and ordered to pay $4,000 to the Habitat Conservation Trust foundation. The vehicle along with his two rifles were forfeited. He is not permitted to hunt in B.C. for two years.

Wildlife biologist, subject of two biographies, was the original environmentalist

December 20, 2015
Times Colonist

Before there was celebrity environmentalist David Suzuki, there was Ian McTaggart Cowan. Before science author Rachel Carson warned about pesticides, there was Cowan.He was a founding member of the National Research Council, chairman of the Environment Council of Canada and the public advisory board of the B.C. Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, and an author of the mammoth four-volume Birds of British Columbia. He was also inducted into the Orders of Canada and B.C.

One guilty, one acquitted in moose-hunting incident

December 17, 2017
Kamloops the Week

Calling shooting of a bull moose “brazen,” a provincial court judge Thursday found one of two men guilty of illegally killing and abandoning the animal.
Xin Xiao was found guilty after trial of illegal hunting out of season, possession of an animal and abandoning the bull moose at the side of a logging road in the Nicola Valley in October 2013.
He was fined about $8,500, with $4,000 of that going to the provincial Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.

Fishing guide Andreas Handl fined $8K after deer gaff-hooked

December 3, 2015
CBC News

A B.C. fishing guide is on the hook for $8,000 after his client tried to pluck a deer out of the ocean and into his boat with a gaff hook. Andreas Handl, the owner of Kitimat’s Kingfish Westcoast Adventures, pleaded guilty last week to two charges of harassing wildlife with a motor vehicle and hunting big game while it is swimming. He was fined $1,150 and ordered to donate $7,000 to B.C.’s Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, according to B.C. Conservation Officer Ryan Gordon.

B.C. fishing guide, client fined for stabbing a swimming deer off B.C.’s coast

December 2, 2015
Vancouver Sun

A B.C. fishing guide and his client have been fined thousands of dollars for stabbing a swimming deer in the neck with a hook and trying to bring the animal onto their boat last spring.

Two fined for harassing wildlife near Kitimat

Dec 2, 2015
Terrace Standard

Two men charged with injuring a wild animal outside of open hunting season have been fined $13,000.

Riparian repair: Conservation groups come together to restore MacKay Creek’s eco-sensitive habitat

Nov 29, 2015
North Shore News

A massive cleanup at the MacKay Creek estuary is underway, allowing salmonid species and riparian wildlife, including a resident beaver, to thrive in their habitat once again.

Nexen fine for taking water from B.C. lake a ‘slap on the wrist’

Nov 26, 2015
The Globe and Mail

Nexen Energy, the Canadian subsidiary of a Chinese state-run oil corporation, has pleaded guilty to damaging the habitat of a lake in northeastern B.C. by taking water for a nearby fracking operation, which violated its water licence.

The Calgary-based company, owned by the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corp., has agreed to pay $75,000 in fines, all but $1,000 of which will go to a Victoria-based environmental conservation charity, a clerk at the Fort Nelson Provincial Court said.

Close to 1500 eagles counted during annual festival

Nov 25, 2015
Mission Record

Biologist David Hancock was only 62 eagles off from his prediction by midday Sunday.

The volunteer board member of the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival roughly guessed last week that he and his team would count 1,500 eagles by Sunday, and the reported number just after lunch was closing in on his forecast at 1,438.

MyMoose app tracks, shares British Columbia’s wildlife data in real time

Nov 17, 2015
Globe & Mail

Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts carrying smartphones are sharing data on a real-time map that shows where the best places are to see moose in British Columbia.

Free Workshops on Mason Bee Care

Nov 12, 2015
Coast Reporter

If you like fruits and berries, then mason bees are your friends. These native bees are super pollinators – 97 per cent of flowers they visit are pollinated, and one female mason bee does the work of 100 honeybees. 

Our City- The Finder: Ken Ashley (mp3 9MB)

November 9, 2015
Roundhouse Radio

Ken is currently Director of the Rivers Institute at BCIT, an Instructor in BCIT’s Ecological Restoration Program and is an Adjunct Professor in Civil Engineering at UBC. Ken has a long history with multiple water-related projects across the province, his current area of focus is the a multi-year applied research project to restore estuaries in Burrard Inlet – the first of its kind in BC.

Bats: nothing to be spooked about

October 29, 2015
Coast Reporter

As Sunshine Coast residents decorate their homes with ghosts, ghouls and witches, there may be some poor, misunderstood creatures lumped in with the frightening Halloween decorations – bats. But these little flying mammals don’t deserve their bad reputation. Bats are fascinating, helpful and not at all scary. 

Northern B.C. caves may be last chance for Canada’s bats: biologists and cavers join forces

October 29 2015
Northeast News

Local bat biologists have joined forces with cavers (individuals who explore and study caves) in a program that they hope will help halt a fungus that could potentially kill off half of B.C.’s bat population.

Mission Creek restoration project begins Monday in Kelowna

October 16, 2015
Kamloops Info News

KELOWNA – Regular users of the popular Mission Creek Greenway will lose access to part of the creekside trail for almost six months, starting on Monday.

But in exchange, the whole of Kelowna will eventually be gaining a revitalized and restored waterway that will look a lot like the lower part of the creek did in the early 20th century before extensive channelling and diking took out many of its loops and curves.

New dock improves angling access to area lake

Oct 15, 2015
Williams Lake Tribune

Williams Lake anglers will be able to enjoy fishing more easily and more often thanks to the installation of a new fishing dock at Reservoir Lake.

Now everyone — from avid anglers who wish to fit in a quick hour of fishing to new anglers who don’t have access to a boat — will be able to enjoy fishing on the lake.

Go Batty Thursday Night in Kamloops

Oct 14, 2015
Kamloops This Week

Bats — along with little people in Batman costumes — may be a staple of Halloween but, by October, the denizens of the dark are nowhere in sight.
“It really isn’t the season,” said Doug Burles, a retired wildlife biologist. “Those that migrate have moved and those hibernate are thinking about it.”

GOABC Commits $250,000 to Wildlife Stewardship Partner Program

October 8, 2015
Wire Service

Today the GOABC announces a 5-year, $250,000 commitment to a new provincial Wildlife Stewardship Partner Program, demonstrating the role of the hunter conservationist in wildlife management. The Wildlife Stewardship Partner Program will provide annual funding of $50,000 per year for community-based wildlife stewardship initiatives.

New Dock at Tunkwa Lake Increases Angler Access

September 30, 2015
Kamloops This Week

Kamloops anglers will be able to enjoy fishing more easily and more often thanks to the installation of a new fishing dock at Tunkwa Lake, which is west of Kamloops and north of Logan Lake.

Located in Tunkwa Lake Provincial Park near the boat launch adjacent to the campground, the dock was installed in advance of the fall fishing season, when fish are more catchable from a dock as trout move on to the shoals to feed

Flyfishers club looking forward to more upgrades along Penticton Creek

Kamloops Info News
September 22, 2015

PENTICTON – With more work left to be done on the Penticton Creek restoration project, one group is stepping back from the aging river channel just long enough to admire the view.

“I like looking this way — not behind me,” Penticton Flyfishers club spokesperson Bruce Turnbull says as he surveys the 80-metre completed portion of the channel east of the Ellis Creek bridge.

Come Check Out the Newly Restored Penticton Creek

September 21, 2015
Kelowna Now

Residents in the South Okanagan can now enjoy the newly renovated Penticton Creek, as both the major construction and the creek side planting program have been completed.

Creek Restoration Showcase

Sept 21, 2015

The City of Penticton has announced a major milestone in the restoration of Penticton Creek.

Construction of a showcase project and a creekside planting program have been completed.

“We have already had several reports of kokanee navigating upstream with ease along the new creek bed. The difference you can see in Penticton Creek before and after the restoration project is amazing,” said Penticton Mayor Andrew Jakubeit.

Tree Planting Event

September 17, 2015

The city of Penticton will host a TD Tree Days planting event this Saturday in the Penticton Creek showcase project area, demonstrating the importance of native vegetation to the ecosystem.

Port Moody seeing ‘pink’ after salmon arrive

September 15, 2015
Tri City News

An old friend has returned to Port Moody after a long absence.

Dozens of pink salmon have been making their way into Noons and Mossom creeks in the past few weeks, encouraged by rains that replenished local waterways that had dried up over the summer.

Deer Harassment at B.C. Bachelor Party Costs Man $5K

September 11, 2015
CBC News

A Portuguese man caught on video harassing a deer during his bachelor party near Kitimat, in northern British Columbia, has been ordered to pay $5,000 to a B.C. wildlife charity.

New docks installed at Poirier Lake

September 2, 2015
Sooke News Mirror

Sooke region residents have a new place to go fishing with the recent completion of the Poirier Lake docks in Otter Point’s William Simmons Memorial Community Park. The project involved installation of a boat launch dock and separate fishing dock.

Invasive Plant Partnership Can Be Template

September 1, 2015
East Kootenays Online Weekly

We all appreciate the natural beauty, biodiversity, and resources in the East Kootenay region and we all need to protect these values. Invasive plants are a threat to our environment, economy, and social aspects, but we need to work collaboratively to effectively manage these weeds.

Rewilding (Interview on CBC)

August 28, 2015
BC Almanac 

BCIT Rivers Institute Director and HCTF Board member Dr. Ken Ashley talks about rewilding initiatives happening across the province, including the Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program.

Creek Restoration Underway

August 22, 2015

Restoration work on Penticton Creek is now underway and going according to plan, according to city staff. The showcase project includes a small section, 80 metres of the creek, upstream from the Ellis Street Bridge (article about HCTF project 8-379, Penticton Creek Restoration Initiative)

Penticton Creek Restoration Project Looking Good

August 21, 2015
Kelowna Now

The Penticton Creek restoration initiative is shaping up nicely, as the project reaches the halfway mark.
Beginning on August 4th, newly restored creek banks along Penticton Creek are slowly forming and flood protection plans are coming together. Aside from stabilizing creek banks and maintaining flood protection, the project is expected to help restore fish habitats.

Penticton Creek Restoration Project Underway (Video and Article)

August 21, 2015
Global News

People strolling alongside the Penticton Creek may have noticed the concrete creek banks have been slowly eroding. While the City isn’t upgrading the entire infrastructure, construction is underway to restore an 80-metre stretch near the Ellis Street Bridge (article and video about HCTF project 8-379, Penticton Creek Restoration Initiative)

Rewilding a Salmon Stream

August 19, 2015 
Vancouver Sun

It’s the ultimate in irony: A wildlife revival that started with an oil spill.

Salmon, birds and beavers are making a comeback in several North Shore streams thanks to fines handed down after a 2007 spill in Burrard Inlet. A creative judge ordered Kinder Morgan and two contractors to pay $149,000 each to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, money that went toward funding the Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program.

Burrard Inlet Restoration Boosts Seymour River Salmon Returns

August 18, 2015
CBC News

Salmon numbers in the Burrard Inlet are improving, with the help of a so-called rewilding project put in place following an oil spill in Burnaby, B.C. in 2007, according to a North Shore environmental group.

Rewilding Burrard Inlet (Radio Interview – Aug 17 episode, begins at 2:05:40)

August 17, 2015 
CBC On the Coast

BCIT Rivers Institute Director and HCTF Board member Dr. Ken Ashley talks about the Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program with CBC’s Gloria Macarenko.


Rescuers plan highline fish rescue from North Vancouver’s Seymour River

August 13, 2015
Vancouver Sun

NORTH VANCOUVER — Wilderness rescue experts are devising an elaborate system of cables, tanks and vehicles to transport hundreds of coho salmon and steelhead trapped in a deep canyon of the Seymour River in North Vancouver.

Fish Rescue Planned for Seymour

August 7, 2015
North Shore News

North Shore Rescue: they save humans, occasional dogs and now, maybe salmon. The local volunteer group may be part of a Herculean effort that’s required to bypass a 50,000-cubic-metre granite hurdle to allow thousands of coho and pink salmon and steelhead trout to return to the Seymour River. The fate of the Seymour as a valuable salmon spawning ground is at stake following a massive rock slide that fell into the upper river canyon last December.

$120,000 tunnel for toads completed in Chilliwack (Video)

August 6, 2015
Global News

The lives of thousands of tiny toadlets has been spared this year thanks to a tunnel built just for them. Every spring, countless Western Toads make their way down to Chilliwack’s wetlands to mate and lay eggs. By summer, toadlets – about the size of a fingernail – are big enough to leave the wetlands for the forest…but they have to cross Elk View Road first (article about HCTF project 2-571, Ryder Lake Amphibian Protection Project)

CBC Interview about the Seymour River Fish Barrier Mitigation Project (August 6th episode, starts at 52:01)

August 6, 2015
CBC On the Coast

Shaun Hollingsworth of the Seymour Salmonid Society talks to CBC about the how the blockage caused by the Seymour River rockslide last December is creating challenges for the river’s steelhead and coho populations, and their plan to investigate options for restoring fish passage. 

Purchase preserves more of Salmon River estuary

August 6, 2015
Campbell River Mirror

The Nature Trust of British Columbia has acquired another 165 acres in the Salmon River estuary north of Campbell River. Major funding was provided by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program. Additional support was provided by the Campbell River Salmon Foundation, Barnet Rifle Club, Steelhead Society of BC, Kingfishers Rod & Gun Club, Ducks Unlimited Canada, Totem Fly Fishers, Parksville-Qualicum Fish & Game Association, BC Federation of Fly Fishers, and individual donors from across B.C.

Rescue mission needed to free trapped fish in North Vancouver

August 6, 2015
Vancouver Sun

METRO VANCOUVER – North Shore Rescue will decide next week if a team can descend a 60-metre canyon on the Seymour River and rescue 262 coho that are stranded in a pool directly beneath a devastating rock slide that has prevented them from travelling upstream.

New tunnel helps Chilliwack-area toads cross the road

August 5, 2015
The Province

Conservationists in Chilliwack are hoping a new amphibian tunnel will help juvenile toads cross the road between wetland and forest, and get safely to the other side. The tunnel, located on Elk Valley Road near Ryder Lake Road, is in an area that sees thousands of toadlets hop across rural byways every summer as they migrate between wetland and forest (article about HCTF project 2-571, Ryder Lake Amphibian Protection Project)

Mission Creek restoration project gets $249,000 federal grant

July 31, 2015
Kelowna Capital News

The ongoing restoration of Mission Creek in Kelowna has received a $249,000 grant from the federal government to the Central Okanagan Land Trust.

Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran said the money will be used to for the initial restoration project this fall to set back the dikes to widen the creek, establish a flood plain, add creekbank riparian vegetation and improve adjacent agricultural land drainage.

Explore: For kids who’d rather be fishin’, cycling and more

July 30, 2015
Times Colonist

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. is hoping to teach kids the joy of fishing with Learn to Fish events held on Vancouver Island over the summer. The private non-profit organization will teach local youth, ages five to 15, along with their families, how to fish at 19 locations in regional parks and urban lakes on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The program is made possible thanks to support from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Columbia Basin Trust, Rapala, Ram Trucks Canada and Teck.

Chilliwack Toad Tunnel Bridges Human-caused Gap

July 23, 2015
The Tyee

How did the Western toad cross the road? A community-funded ecopassage, of course.

More Chances to Learn to Fish in Cowichan

July 17, 2015
Cowichan Valley Citizen

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC is expanding the summer Learn to Fish programs for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Seven new events have increased the number of Learn to Fish sessions to 40 at 19 locations in regional parks and urban lakes for local and visiting youth and their families, including in Cowichan.

Where are the bats?

Jul 15, 2015 
Sooke News Mirror

Along Loss Creek, southeast of Port Renfrew, you can see hundreds of them, if not thousands, at dusk. As the twilight sky darkens they blend into the darkness only to reappear the same time the next day. Where bats roost and keep hidden during the day in a large swath of land between Sooke and Port Renfrew is a mystery to researchers.

New Guidebook for Managing Bats in Buildings

July 12, 2015
The Castlegar Source

“We are pleased to announce the publication of this booklet which we developed in partnership with the BC Community Bat Program” says Juliet Craig, Coordinator for the Kootenay Community Bat Project.

“Although we try to visit as many properties with bats as we can during the summer, we can’t always get to everyone. This new booklet, funded by the Columbia Basin Trust, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, and Habitat Stewardship Program, provides step-by-step information to landowners dealing with bat issues.

Got bats and wanna get rid of ’em? This can help you…

July 9, 2015
The Revelstoke Current

Summer is the season when property owners notice bats in their buildings. They may find guano on the deck, hear bats in the walls, or smell a build-up of guano. The Kootenay Community Bat Project, funded by the Columbia Basin Trust, has received numerous calls with these issues. In many cases, landowners are happy to leave bats where they are. However, for landowners who would like to have the bats move out of their buildings, a new resource guide is available.

Sturgeon scientist battles huge fish in Fraser River to implant tracking device

June 19, 2015
CBC News

You might call Erin Stoddard the surgeon to the sturgeon. The B.C. government biologist often finds himself chest deep in the mighty Fraser River, scalpel in hand, carrying out operations on live fish weighing hundreds of kilograms.
Article and video about HCTF project #2-530, Lower Fraser White Sturgeon Telemetry Study: Long-term monitoring of adult sturgeon

Fishing is free this Fathers’ Day weekend

June 18, 2015
Campbell River Mirror

Father’s Day weekend is about spending time with Dad. And what better way to have fun in the outdoors than freshwater fishing as a family?

Fish with Dad for Free

June 17, 2015

Fish with dad for free this Father’s Day weekend. During the 16th annual Family Fishing Weekend, June 19 to 21, families can borrow equipment, learn more about fishing or simply enjoy time together on the water without needing to purchase an angling licence.

Free fishing in B.C. for Father’s Day weekend

June 17, 2015
Richmond Review

This Father’s Day weekend marks the 16th annual Family Fishing Weekend in B.C.

Events are taking place in Richmond and throughout the Lower Mainland, and families are able to fish B.C.’s lakes, rivers, streams and tidal waters for free, without a licence.

 Time with dad and a fishing rod

June 17, 2015
Powell River Peak Online

It’s an annual tradition that fathers and children look forward to, the Father’s Day weekend family fishing event. Across BC over 50 events are taking place and in Powell River the free Family Fishing Weekend will take place at Inland Lake, Sunday, June 21.

Free Fishing on Father’s Day Weekend

June 15, 2015
Boundary Sentinel

Father’s Day weekend is about spending time with Dad. And what better way to have fun in the outdoors than freshwater fishing as a family. During the 16th Annual Family Fishing Weekend, held over Father’s Day weekend June 19th to 21st, Canadian families throughout the province may borrow equipment, learn more about freshwater fishing, partake in a variety of activities or simply enjoy spending time together fishing B.C.’s lakes, rivers, streams, and tidal waters. And for the duration of the weekend families may fish without needing to purchase a licence.

Local groups and volunteers work to restore Seymour River estuary

June 13, 2015

Dozens of volunteers are on the North Shore today, putting the final touches on a two-year project to restore the Seymour River estuary.

Volunteers with shovels and boots were adding a new habitat with underwater plants. (Article about HCTF project # 2-539, Seymour River Estuary Restoration)

Volunteers put the final touches to salmon habitat restoration in North Vancouver

June 13, 2015
The Province

Salmon-saving British Columbians put the finishing touches on a two-year long project Saturday to restore the barren Seymour River Estuary in North Vancouver.

Dozens of volunteers from BCIT, the Seymour Salmonid Society and the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation raced against the tide to plant 5500 native intertidal plants that will serve as shelter and food for waterfowl, insects, fish and aquatic invertebrates. (Article about HCTF Project # 2-539, Seymour River Estuary Restoration)

Family Fishing Day set for Westwood Lake

June 11, 2015
Nanaimo Daily News

A free event at Westwood Lake will celebrate Dads as part of B.C.’s Family Fishing Weekend. Planned activities for the June 21 event include games, crafts, fly tying demonstrations with Island Water Fly Fishers and fishing lessons.

Biologist digs into Radium bighorn sheep migratory behaviour

June 5, 2015
Columbia Valley Pioneer

The bighorn sheep may begin to shift their migratory direction away from Radium and back into the elements with some help.

The Village of Radium Hot Springs recently received a $10,000 grant from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) to develop a strategy to encourage bighorn sheep migration outside of the community to reinforce spring migratory behaviour of bighorn sheep — a project that has been underway since earlier this year.

Bat Counters Wanted

June 4, 2015
Coast Reporter

The Sunshine Coast Wildlife Project is sending out the bat signal to find volunteers to participate in the Second Annual B.C. Bat Count.

Residents who know of a bat colony occupying a bat house, roof, barn, attic, bridge or tree on their property or elsewhere in the region are encouraged to contact the Wildlife Project.

Society Cleaning Up

June 3, 2015
Penticton Western News

This weekend, the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society is hosting a community enhancement day in a little-known wetland area near Penticton. Max Lake is a small protected wetland above West Bench. It’s one of the few remaining marshes in the Penticton area, providing habitat for 38 species of dragonflies including the rare Vivid Dancer damselfly.

Cleaning Max to the max

June 2, 2015

Volunteers are needed to help with cleanup efforts at one of the few marshes remaining in the Penticton area. Max Lake, above the West Bench, is a small, protected wetland. It is home to 38 species of dragonflies, including the rare vivid dancer along with flammulated owls, common poorwill, tiger salamander, painted turtles and many other wildlife species.

Keeping Tabs on Okanagan Bats

May 29, 2015
Kelowna Capital News

The BC Community Bat Project network is gearing up for another busy year. The “Got Bats” initiative is a network of community bat projects established to raise awareness about bats, provide information to homeowners dealing with bat issues, promote the installation of bat-houses, and get help with monitoring local bat populations.

New dock installed, new trail coming for Shannon Lake park

May 29, 2015
Kelowna Capital News

Construction of a new accessible trail is anticipated this summer in Shannon Lake Regional Park. The trail is possible thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Government of Canada’s Enabling Accessibility Fund, which helps thousands of Canadians to eliminate barriers and gain better access to facilities in their communities. The new paved trail will improve access to the park for visitors in wheelchairs from the Shannon Lake Road parking area to a new floating fishing dock on Shannon Lake.

Got Bats Initiative Works to Save Furry Night Fliers

May 28, 2015

PENTICTON – There is no reason for residents of the Okanagan to “go batty” over problems they might have with the furry, nocturnal flying creatures this summer. The BC Community Bat Project is getting ready for a busy summer educating and instructing Okanagan residents on how to handle bat issues.

Okanagan bat program visits Allan Brooks

May 24, 2015
Vernon Morning Star

The BC Community Bat Project network is gearing up for another busy year. The “Got Bats” initiative is a network of community bat projects established to raise awareness about bats, provide information to homeowners dealing with bat issues, promote the installation of bat-houses, and get help with monitoring local bat populations.

New trail, dock coming to Westside park

May 21, 2015
The Daily Courier

Construction of a new accessible trail and dock is anticipated this summer in Shannon Lake Regional Park.
The new paved trail will improve access to the park for visitors in wheelchairs from the Shannon Lake Road parking area to a new floating fishing dock on Shannon Lake.

Coffee Time

Cowichan Valley Citizen
May 20, 2015

Two Cowichan Valley organizations are among the list of grant recipients announced by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation. Six Vancouver Island organizations will receive a combined total of $470,000 to support fish and wildlife projects on the Island.
The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team will get a $25,000 grant to fund the western bluebird reintroduction project in the Cowichan Valley.
The second Cowichan recipient is E. Wind Consulting, which has been approved for a $24,000 grant to radio-track western toads to their hibernation sites near Duncan.

B.C. Invests $100,000 for Wildlife Conservation

May 18, 2015
Kelowna Now

The provincial government has announced $100,000 over five years for wildlife conservation in the province.

The investment was announced Sunday for the Crown land securement partner program, which includes Ducks Unlimited Canada, The Nature Trust of British Columbia, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Wildlife Habitat Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Province of British Columbia.

Tom Sullivan awarded Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation’s 2014 Silver Award

May 16, 2015
UBC Faculty of Forestry News

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) presented its 2014 Silver Award to Dr Tom Sullivan at the recent BC Trappers Association AGM & Convention in 100 Mile House.

Dr Sullivan received the award in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by his HCTF-funded project, Enhancing Marten and Weasel Habitat on Clearcuts.

Creek, highrises on agenda

May 14, 2015
Penticton News

The public is invited to learn more about the restoration of Penticton Creek at an open house today. The open house runs from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Penticton Community Centre. Grant funding was secured in 2013 from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund to develop a project plan over four years, addressing flood protection, restoring fish habitat and fixing failing infrastructure. The first two years were dedicated to study and assessment, and this year is focused on the Penticton Creek showcase project. The sample project is proposed for 80 metres of creek, upstream from the Ellis Street bridge.

Showcase project for Penticton Creek

May 11, 2015

One of Penticton’s most important waterways is benefitting from the city’s plan to enhance downtown. A Penticton staff report notes a key component arising from the 2012 downtown revitalization objective was recognition of the importance Penticton Creek has to the overall objective. Grant funding was sought by city staff in 2013 for the project, with funds coming from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund, to develop a project plan over a four-year period.

Caring for the Creek

May 7, 2015

Initial steps are being taken in the restoration of a Penticton waterway. A sample project is proposed for an 80-metre section of Penticton Creek upstream from the Ellis Street Bridge. The effort is supported by grant funding from several sources, including the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund and Recreational Fishery Conservation Partnership Program.

Initiative provides support for outdoor education

May 6, 2015
Peak Online

A Powell River education project may have a larger impact as the province reviews how students are taught outdoor education. The project is designed to expand the four walls of a classroom to include outdoor learning environments. Powell River is widely regarded throughout the province as being a leader in environmental education. For the past year WildBC, a program of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, and School District 47 have been working together to build a scoped and sequenced approach to teaching students outdoor curriculum.

Fish and wildlife projects receive boost

May 5, 2015
Williams Lake Tribune

Four Cariboo conservation projects and two programs were among the list of grant recipients announced by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) in Fernie last Friday. In total, they were approved for over $300,000 in grants to support work benefitting local fish and wildlife.

Kootenay conservation projects get $1 million boost

May 1, 2015
Kootenay News Advertiser

At the BC Wildlife Federation Convention held this weekend in Fernie, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) announced it will provide over a million dollars to Kootenay fish & wildlife projects.

Conservation projects receive funding

April 29, 2015
The Daily Courier
Penticton Herald

More than $650,000 has been granted to Okanagan conservation projects and programs as part of the latest round of funding by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.
The Penticton Creek Restoration Initiative was awarded the largest grant in the region, approved for $92,500 to restore kokanee and rainbow trout habitat in Penticton Creek.

Learn to Fish in the City

April 28, 2015
Asian Pacific Post

Does your child want to learn how to catch trout? Since launching in 2006, the Learn to Fish program has taught over 150,000 youngsters between the ages of five and 15 how to fish – proof that fishing is as popular as ever. Learn to Fish is run by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC with generous support from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, Rapala, Dodge Ram, and the Province of British Columbia.

Kootenay Conservation Projects receive Million Dollar Boost

April 27, 2015

Nelson Daily
Castlegar Source

At the BC Wildlife Federation Convention held this weekend in Fernie, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) announced it will provide over a million dollars to Kootenay fish & wildlife projects.

Controlled burns being conducted in the region

April 27, 2015
Alaska Highway News

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations is planning controlled burns near Fort St. John and Chetwynd between now and June 7. The burns are an attempt to increase the quality of range for hooved animals like moose, deer and elk, by prompting the growth of new, better forage.

Kokanee bouncing back

April 13, 2015

Wood Lake kokanee may not be large fish, but in terms of economic and social impact, the fishery is huge: worth an estimated $1 million a year — all put at peril when the kokanee population crashed in the fall of 2011.

Province-wide Peregrine and Prairie Falcon Survey

April 10, 2015
Kelowna Daily Courier

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations conducts a BC-wide peregrine and prairie falcon survey in May and June (nesting time) every five years and Okanagan birders can help out. Orville Dyer, an ecosystems biologist with the ministry office in Penticton, notes the BC peregrine monitoring contributes to the national monitoring program. The Habitat Conservation Trust Fund is supporting the program this year with helicopter flights in May and June.

Nanaimo School Given Green Light to Become Eco Academy

March 24, 2015
Nanaimo News Bulletin

The Nanaimo school board has given Departure Bay Elementary School the green light to become a green school.

Lake fertilization program meeting with success

March 20, 2015
Campbell River Courier

Vancouver Island has some of the best salt and fresh water fishing in the world. But if there is one category in which it falls behind other areas – like the interior – it is in the average size of fish in its many lakes.Yes, there are Vancouver Island lakes with nice sized trout, and those few spots are usually closely guarded secrets for the most part. However on average, the size of the Island lake fish is more on the “pan fry” side. Thanks to a cooperative effort between the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF), the BC Conservation Foundation (BCCF) and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO), that is changing.

Win, win as all of angling licence revenue goes to anglers

Mar 9, 2015
The Nelson Daily

In an agreement announced Monday between the Province and the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, 100 percent of revenue generated from fishing licences will directly benefit anglers effective April 1, 2015.

Fisheries society reels in money

March 10, 2015
Penticton Western News

A new deal with the province will pour more money into the Freshwater Fisheries Society of B.C. Starting April 1, the province is turning over all revenue from fishing licence sales to the society.
Under the agreement, the total amount transferred for 2015-16 will be approximately $10 million, an increase of about $3 million annually over what the society currently receives.

$10 Million to Improve B.C. Fishing

March 9, 2015
Kelowna Now

Angling opportunities are expected to improve in B.C.’s fresh water lakes, as $10 million has been allocated to theFreshwater Fisheries Society. Under a new agreement with the Province, 100 per cent of revenue generated from fishing licences will directly benefit anglers.

Chilcotin Marsh Enhancement Project 

March 2, 2015
The Nature Trust of BC website

This beautiful conservation complex is a renowned waterfowl staging area in the Chilcotin Plateau, hosting 5,000 to 6,000 ducks and hundreds of Canada Geese during the fall migration, in addition to a wide variety of other wildlife species.

Fencing separates wild and domestic sheep

Feb 25, 2015
Kootenay Advertiser

Domestic sheep and wild sheep herds are dangerous liaisons. Although the two species are genetically similar, wild sheep can experience catastrophic die-offs and suffer chronic long-term effects from respiratory diseases that domestic sheep carry (article about HCTF project 0-466, Wild/Domestic Goat & Sheep Separation).

Bluebirds rebuilding colony on southern Vancouver Island

Feb 18, 2015
Times Colonist

A flock of 14 Western bluebirds spotted on Mount Tzouhalem, near Duncan, have conservationists hopeful that a once common species is returning to the Island. It’s an auspicious sign that repopulation efforts are on track and could also mean the birds chose not to migrate this season (article about HCTF project 1-538, the Georgia Depression Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project)

Hands-on learning!

February 18, 2015
Alberni Valley Times

Grade 4 students are getting a taste of tree planting this week at the McLean Mill National Historic Site. Through the program, the children are learning the significance of trees to the Valley’s ecosystem and environment (article about an HCTF Education C2C project)

Project aims high for fishers

Feb 17, 2015
Williams Lake Tribune

Larry Davis is hoping to help fishers in B.C.’s Interior give birth and raise their young in forests where there are not many natural den trees. A year-and-a-half ago, the Williams Lake wildlife biologist began installing wooden den boxes on trees approximately three metres above the ground (article about HCTF Project 3-345, Fisher Artificial Den Box Study)

Students immersed in pilot project

Feb 10, 2015
Oak Bay News

Tubs of water crawling with sea critters settled amid groups of Grade 6 and 7 students on a Thursday morning at Monterey middle school has the makings of an epic water fight. Instead, the respectful youngsters dip hands into water, some tentatively others enthusiastically, to stroke a sea star or gently poke a scallop into flitting around its bucket. (Article about Monterey Middle School in Victoria, a Wild School through a partnership with HCTF Education’s WildBC)

Cougar populations rebounding, experts say

Victoria Times Colonist 
January 29, 2015

A dozen years ago, cougar numbers on Vancouver Island had plummeted to 400 or fewer, barely half the total from the mid-1990s. Now, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations estimates the population has rebounded to about 600 cougars on the Island out of 5,150 to 7,000 in B.C., with a mid-range of 6,075. A project recently funded by the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund ($46,600) and the ministry ($10,000) will use DNA and computerized modelling to generate cougar population estimates for northern Vancouver Island.

Kelowna man fined for illegally hunting deer

Jan 15, 2015
Global News

Richard Leslie Rhoades was fined after pleading guilty this week to hunting wildlife out of season.The judge directed the $400 go to the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund for use in the Okanagan.

P&Y Club Supports Shiras’ Moose Study

Outdoor Channel
January 12 2015

Biologists across the distribution of Shiras’ moose are collaborating on a new study to assess variation in genetics in moose from British Columbia to Colorado.

Habitat efforts move into North Okanagan

January 11, 2015
Vernon Morning Star

Twenty years ago, a small conservation group formed to assist people who wanted advice and help to protect natural habitat areas on their land. Two decades later, the Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society (OSSS) is going strong and has assisted hundreds of people and partnered with more than 40 landowners in managing 1,100 acres of wildlife habitat.

Program targets derelict docks on Shuswap

Dec 17, 2014
Eagle Valley News

Several derelict docks are being removed from three Shuswap lakes. But concerned dock owners can relax. The work is being done to improve fish habitat and remove potential navigational hazards – not to impose regulations.

Birds in Vancouver’s Stanley Park

December 7, 2014

A Christmas Bird Count for Kids was held Saturday at Vancouver’s Stanley Park Ecology Centre in partnership with Young Naturalists’ Club of BC.

“This event is a fantastic way for children and their families to learn about local bird species and develop their birding skills,” says Kristine Webber, Executive Director: Young Naturalists’ Club of BC. “We have several birding experts working with the families teaching them the proper use of binoculars and some basic bird identification. Together, and with the help of the volunteer birding experts, the families participate in this annual citizen science event recording the variety and number of birds seen on the day.” Article about HCTF project 0-398, Young Naturalist’s Club of BC.

Nanaimo man fined for buying bear gall bladders

Nov 26, 2014 
Nanaimo News Bulletin

Fines totalling $15,000 have been levied against a Nanaimo man after he bought illegal bear gall bladders during an undercover operation.

Dentist Fined for Buying Bear Parts

Nov 26, 2014
Nanaimo Daily News

Nanaimo dentist Fan Liu was ordered to contribute $15,000 to the Habitat Conservation Trust, along with other penalties, after he entered a guilty plea on three charges under the B.C. Wildlife Act Friday in Nanaimo provincial court. 

 Wetland Restoration Proceeds at Blackburn Reserve

Nov 12, 2014
Gulf Islands Driftwood

Visitors to hole #4 at the former Blackburn Meadows Golf Course would hardly recognize the place now, although it might look somewhat familiar to the island’s earliest pioneers. 

 Garnet Vally Wildlife Habitat Protected

SOSCP Website
Nov 2014

In late September, volunteers from the Summerland Sportsmen’s Association worked alongside the Conservation Officer Service and SOSCP in Garnet Valley north of Summerland, posting signs and deactivating illegal trails.

Article about PCAF Project #1032

Outdoor Groups Respond with Support for Grassland Project

Nov 5, 2014
Kelowna Capital News

The birds and the beasts who rely on the Bald Range pocket grassland off Bear Main Forest Service Road in West Kelowna thank all the volunteers who turned out Oct. 25 to work on restoring grassland and reduce the threat of wildfire there.

Grants help school to improve

October 30, 2014
Castlegar News

Principal Wayne Naka and the staff and parents at Kinnaird Elementary have been on a mission to improve their school. In the past five years the school has received over $200,000 worth of grants in the form of cash, products, gifts in kind and labour.

Ducks Unlimited Canada Unveils Beks Farm Project

October 17, 2014

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is proud to announce our latest project on the Courtenay River estuary. Our new 64-acre Beks Farm project is an integral piece of our conservation plans for the area.

Protecting grasslands of Napier Lake Ranch grasslands a passion project

October 16, 2014
Globe & Mail

When Linda Hannah first saw the sweeping grasslands of Napier Lake Ranch in the 1980s, she thought the area was so beautiful and ecologically rich it had to be protected for all British Columbians.

Port Alice pulp mill owner to pay $175,000 fine for polluting inlet

Sept 30, 2014
Canadian Press

The owner of the Port Alice pulp mill on northern Vancouver Island has been convicted and fined $175,000 for polluting a nearby inlet. The company has been ordered to pay $1,000 in fines to the provincial government and $174,000 to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

What one man learned on the Kootenay HSBC Conservation Crew

Sept 11, 2014
Kootenay News Advertiser

The Nature Trust of British Columbia hires crews each summer to tackle a wide variety of conservation activities on properties across the province and learn valuable skills for future employment.

Rewind Habit

September 10, 2014
Capilano Courier

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) announced this past June that they would be funding a large estuary restoration project on the Burrard Inlet.

Video: Restoration of Seymour River Estuary (Seymour Salmonid Society)

August 13, 2014

The Seymour Salmonid Society has taken on a nearly half million dollar project to restore the habitat in Vancouver. Leah Bolton goes in search of the fish.

Saving the salmon: BCIT ecology students restore estuary to give salmon a chance

August 9, 2014
The Province

Most British Columbians take pride in the province’s nature, but to John Taft, it means so much he walked away from a promising career to help save it (article about the  Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program). 

BCIT Tries for Salmon Habitat Re-creation

August 8, 2014

The British Columbia Institute of Technology Rivers Institute is aiming to take fish in Burrard Inlet back in time as it tries to re-create the kind of estuary common in the area 100 years ago (article about the  Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program).

Researcher links salt licks to risk of moose collisions on B.C. highways

July 11, 2014
Prince George Citizen 

Newly published findings by a University of Northern B.C. researcher are shedding light on why some areas along northern B.C. highways are at higher risk of collisions between vehicles and moose (Article about HCTF Project 7-343, Integrating Collision Hotspot Site-Specifics to Mitigate Ungulate-Related Vehicular Collisions). 

Restoration initiative returns to Saanich’s Tod Creek

Jun 20, 2014
Saanich News

Each year, Good Neighbours focuses on a different area of the Capital Region. The Tod Creek project is one of 13 Vancouver Island projects to receive a portion of nearly $500,000 from Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Shannon Lake: Floating Dock Feedback Wanted

June 20, 2014
Kelowna Capital News

If Shannon Lake residents are interested, they could have a new floating dock to enhance fishing in Shannon Lake Regional Park. The Regional District of the Central Okanagan has the opportunity to accept a $20,000 T-shaped dock, which is being donated by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund and the provincial government.

Nature Trust Purchase Protects 20 Species

June 18, 2014
The Daily Courier

Another key piece of the South Okanagan’s natural habitat is being preserved for future generations. The Nature Trust of B.C. has acquired a 12.3-hectare property south of Vaseux Lake — on the eastern side of the valley bottom opposite McIntyre Bluff.

More Licences Sold, More Fish to Catch

June 19, 2014
Asian Pacific Post

Did you know that when you buy an annual freshwater fishing licence, you help the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC stock fish into more than 800 lakes each year?

Got bats?

June 9, 2014
BC Newsroom

Citizen scientists throughout British Columbia are being asked to help increase our knowledge of bats.

The “Got Bats?” community projects support conservation of bats by providing educational programs, conducting inventories of bats in buildings, working with landowners who have bats in buildings and establishing annual counts, where volunteers count bats leaving a roost site on their property for four nights over the spring and summer in order to monitor populations.

Hedgerows are beneficial to wildlife conservation

June 4, 2014
Delta Optimist

As the summer season is fast approaching, one can easily spot farmers out in the field, preparing their soil for planting a diverse selection of produce. Many Deltans look forward to reaping the benefits of this preparation, through the purchase of farm goods at the popular Ladner Village Market, or perhaps by making visits to local farms to pick their own fresh fruit.However, there is one less-visible benefit farmers provide all year long. Many farmers in Delta supply valuable wildlife habitat by planting hedgerows on their farms.

Bats don’t get much respect but now they’re getting protection

June 1, 2014
Kelowna Capital News

The Okanagan Community Bat Program is a new initiative to support bat conservation in the Okanagan by providing information about bats and getting the public’s assistance with locating and monitoring their populations.

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s Rod Loan Program

May 28, 2014
The Asian Pacific Post

No fishing gear? No problem! The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s Rod Loan Program is lending Rapala spinning rods, reels, and tackle boxes by the day or week at various locations around British Columbia – for free! It’s all possible thanks to generous assistance from Rapala Canada and the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

The Peace Bat Conservation Project wants FSJ to get involved

May 23, 2014
Energetic City

The Peace Bat Conservation Project is up in full swing, with dozens of bat houses ready to be distributed across the community, thanks to the hard work of students from Bert Ambrose Elementary and North Peace Secondary School.

Where Salmon and Shipyards Are Neighbours

May 12, 2014
Georgia Strait Alliance

Standing above North Vancouver’s MacKay Creek, Ken Ashley, Director of the BCIT Rivers Institute explained to the group of—now visibly shivering—keeners how the creek’s estuary had recently been put back into a state that resembles more closely what it used to be. And that is in part thanks to its industrial neighbours, Seaspan’s shipyard, which is just gearing up to fulfill a multi-billion-dollar contract to build new Coast Guard vessels. Seaspan partnered with the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation to use funds from a “creative sentencing award” for the restoration of the estuary right behind the shipyard.

Ecosystem Restoration Burns Set for Omineca Region

April 28, 2014
BC Newsroom

Prescribed burning is planned for eight locations in the Omineca Region between April 29 and June 7, 2014, weather conditions permitting. These controlled burns will cover about 7,900 hectares and will meet fuel management objectives and assist with ecosystem restoration. They will occur in several phases, starting at lower elevations in southern areas and proceeding north to higher elevations later this spring.

Feds fund North Vancouver creek projects

April 20, 2014
North Shore News

The federal government has earmarked funds to help restore the Lynn Creek estuary in North Vancouver. Meanwhile, the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation last week announced it has contributed $461,000 for conservation projects in the Lower Mainland.

Foundation grants over $800,000 to local fish and wildlife projects

Apr 20, 2014
The Free Press

Fish and wildlife in the Kootenays will be better off this year, thanks to a contribution of over $800,000 made by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation for conservation projects in the region.

Middle Vernon Creek to Get Funding for Action Plan

April 14, 2014
Lake Country Calendar

Several fish and wildlife projects in the Okanagan, including the troubled Middle Vernon Creek in Lake Country, have received funding for improvement projects this year, with a $412,000 contribution made by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) for conservation projects within the region.

Conservation  Projects get $412,000 in Grants

April 12, 2014
Kelowna Daily Courier

Fish and wildlife in the Okanagan will be better off this year, thanks to a $412,000 contribution by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation for conservation projects within the region.

Conservation Trust Announces Dollars for Okanagan Conservation

April 11, 2014
Kelowna Capital News

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation will announce a $400,000 donation to preserve fish habitat and ecosystems for wildlife in the Central Okanagan today.

Peachland bats return to roost

April 2, 2014
Kelowna Capital News

What was first thought to be a liability has turned into a biological treasure in Peachland, where one of the largest known maternity colonies of Yuma bats in B.C. has been welcomed—instead of being destroyed

Nature Conservancy expands land holdings near Osoyoos

March 27, 2014
The Chronicle

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has purchased a 1,836-acre parcel near the U.S.-Canada border west of the city for $4.4 million.”Together, we have secured an impressive expanse of contiguous grassland habitat, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation CEO Brian Springinotic said.

CKNW Radio Interview

March 24, 2014

BCIT Instructor Dave Harper talks about the Ecological Restoration program, and student involvement in HCTF’s Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program.

Letter: Reconsider leasing land agreements

March 13, 2014
Castlegar Source

Recently three prominent conservation organizations: Ducks Unlimited, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and the Nature Trust of B.C. were highly critical of the B.C. Liberal Government’s agenda of increasing grazing leases from 10 years to 20-25 years. The criticism was directed at range tenures that included the lands owned by the conservation organizations. More...

Review to probe land use in B.C. wildlife habitats

Feb. 26, 2014
The Globe and Mail

The B.C. government has called for a full review of lands owned by conservation groups, to determine how many areas that were set aside to protect wildlife habitat have been leased out by the Crown as cattle range

How An Internationally Recognized Researcher and Conservationist Connects Students with Rewarding Careers

Febraury 5, 2014

Although he’s an award-winning conservation advocate with several academic credentials—including a PhD—after his name, Ken Ashley insists that his accomplishments pale next to many of his fellow faculty members.

Man Avoids Long Overdue $20,000 Illegal Hunting Fine

January 16, 2014
Terrace Standard

One of the individuals named in the provincial government’s attempt to shame people and businesses into paying overdue court-ordered environmental fines was convicted of illegal trophy hunting here in Terrace nearly a decade ago. Norbert (Bob) Saulnier was ordered to pay $20,000 in fines – with $19,000 of that going to the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.

Two Dozen Elk Get an Emotional Send-off in British Columbia

January 7, 2013
Globe & Mail/ CTV News

It was an emotional sendoff as biologists and volunteers released two dozen elk deep into the forest (Video news coverage of HCTF project 2-127, Coastal Mainland Roosevelt Elk Recovery and Management Project)

Sts’ailes nation attend elk release near Harrison Lake in repopulation effort

January 6, 2013
WC Native News

It was an emotional sendoff as biologists and volunteers released two dozen Roosevelt elk deep into the forest west of Harrison Lake Sunday afternoon. The animals hadn’t been seen in the eastern Fraser Valley area for decades after being hunted to near-extinction (article about HCTF project 2-127, Coastal Mainland Roosevelt Elk Recovery and Management Project)

B.C. Closing the Gap on Overdue Environmental Penalties

January 5, 2014
Rossland News

The province is naming names and taking away privileges as part of a new strategy aimed at increasing the collection rate of overdue environmental court penalties. In a report released recently, Closing the Gap, the Province publicly names 18 businesses and 155 individuals with overdue environmental court penalties owing to the province or to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Water Act Violators Identified in Report

December 12, 2013
The Province

A total of 18 businesses and 155 individuals are listed in a new report titled Closing the Gap, which names those with overdue fines and outstanding court penalties for environmental infractions in B.C.

Feeding the Snow Geese

November 19th, 2013
Global News, BC

It’s that time of year when up to 100,000 snow geese converge on their annual wintering grounds in Richmond and Delta. But what do you do when they are not grazing where they are supposed to? Linda Aylesworth looks at the solutions. (Video featuring HCTF project 2-349, Provision of Waterfowl and Raptor Habitat within Managed Grasslands on Lower Fraser River Farmland)

Ian Mulgrew: Land Conservancy Case is First Test of Charities Law

November 14, 2013
Vancouver Sun

The financial collapse of The Land Conservancy of B.C. raises serious questions about the charity’s financial dealings and the degree of protection afforded properties held by such trusts.

Trust questions where money given to The Land Conservancy went

November 9, 2013
Time Colonist

The Habitat Conservation Trust wants to know what happened to money it gave The Land Conservancy to buy and preserve ecologically important properties around B.C.TLC received money for its conservation efforts but Habitat has since learned the TLC does not own at least four of the parcels, said Brian Springinotic, chief executive officer of the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, which manages the trust.

Teck fined for discharging effluent

November 6, 2013
Rossland News

Teck Trail Operations will pay a penalty of $210,000 under the Fisheries Act and the Environmental Management Act.

Teck penalized over $200,000 for exceeding pH; money to go to conservation

November 4, 2013,
Castlegar Source

Teck Trail Operations has been assessed a penalty of $210,000 under the Fisheries Act and the Environmental Management Act. $200,000 of the penalty will be split evenly between the provincial Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and the federal Environmental Damages Fund. The funds will be used to support habitat conservation within the Kootenay River or Columbia River watersheds.

Amphibian Tunnel Under Hwy 4 Sees Surprise Traffic

October 30, 2013
Westerly News

Why did the red-legged frog cross the road? The question is HOW did the rare amphibian make the crossing of Highway 4, and who else used the $50,000 tunnel? (Story about HCTF Project 1-497, Conserving Amphibian Populations & Connecting Habitats Across Roads)

Young Naturalists’ Club: Rooting Families In Outdoor Exploration

October 28, 2013

In a world of after school and in-class programs, the Young Naturalists’ Club’s family programs stand out because it brings families together. (Article featuring HCTF project 0-398 YNC’s Nature Clubs Project)

  A Historic Fish Release

October 17, 2013
Tri-Cities Now

The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC) celebrated its 10th anniversary last week with the release of its 95-millionth fish going right into Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam.

Endangered Snake Findings Disputed

October 17, 2013

Pemberton council is hopeful to learn more about how development in the Mackenzie Ridge hillside area could impact an endangered local snake population.

Cheam Wetlands Gets Cash Infusion

October 3, 2013
Chilliwack Times

Work has begun on a much-needed facelift for the 20-year-old restoration project at Cheam Lake in Popkum.

Bear Poacher Gets $10,000 Fine, Hunting Ban

October 3, 2013 
News 1130

All but $100 of the poaching fine is going to an animal habitat charity.

Struggling Against the Tide

September 17, 2013
The Independent

Newfoundland and Labrador environmental groups have enormous challenges but few funding opportunities (comparison of conservation funding programs across Canada).

Remaking North Shore Estuaries

September 13, 2013
North Shore News

Coalition of Partners Plan Fish-Friendly Ecosystems


Nature Restored in Burrard Inlet (Video)

September 11, 2013
Vancouver Sun

In 2007 a bizarre oil spill saw a 12-metre geyser of crude oil sprayed over houses, roads, streams and sewers. More than 220,000 litres of oil escaped and 70,000 litres reached Burrard Inlet. Under a creative sentencing arrangement, Kinder Morgan and two contractors responsible each agreed to pay $149,000 to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation. The first of seven projects using those funds is getting under way.

Burrard Inlet Restoration Program Set to Breathe Life Back Into an Industrialized Body of Water

September 11, 2013
Vancouver Sun

The Burrard Inlet Restoration Pilot Program is a rare ray of light from a dark chapter in the history of this highly industrialized body of water

Grouse Being Researched

September 11, 2013

The Sooty Grouse is the only grouse on Haida Gwaii, and genetic studies show that as with many island species, it has been isolated from mainland populations for thousands of years.

Prescribed Burn Planned in South Country

September 6, 2013
The Free Press

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations will be carrying out a prescribed burn of nearly 400 hectares in the South Country this month.

Hunting Generates $350 Million in Economic Activity Annually, Victoria Says

September 5, 2013
Vancouver Sun

Foreign game hunters are the highest spending tourists that come to this province, according to the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. About 5,000 non-resident hunters visit B.C. each year, generating $120 million and employing 2,000 guide outfitters, said Scott Ellis, executive director of GOABC.

Wild elk back in Lower Mainland after a century’s absence

September 3, 2013
Vancouver Sun

It took about a century, but Roosevelt elk are back in the Lower Mainland (article about HCTF project 2-127, Coastal Mainland Roosevelt Elk Recovery and Management Project).

  Helping Nature ‘Rewarding’

August 21, 2013
Comox Valley Record

The Nature Trust of British Columbia hires crews each summer to tackle a wide variety of conservation activities on properties across the province and learn valuable skills for future employment.

Pitt-Addington Marsh Undergoes Major Facelift

Aug 12, 2013
Vancouver Sun

In contrast to the adjacent monoculture of cranberries, the Pitt marsh is a diverse habitat thriving on the edge of a metropolis.

Penticton Anglers Add New Dock at Popular Fishing Hole

Aug 1st, 2013
Penticton Western News

In July, the Penticton Flyfishers club installed a T-shaped dock, allowing easy access to one of the deep cool spots where fish like to congregate in the popular fishing spot along Highway 3A between Keremeos and Kaleden.

Two Docks for Lake Fishers

July 27, 2013
Oliver Daily News

Angling enthusiasts in the Thompson-Okanagan now have increased access to prime lake fishing thanks to the installation of new docks at two popular lakes in the region.


New Docks Offer Better Angling

July 27, 2013
Castanet News

Angling enthusiasts in the Thompson-Okanagan now have increased access to prime lake fishing thanks to the installation of new docks at two popular lakes in the region.

More Sharp-Tailed Snakes Spotted

July 24, 2013 
Pemberton News

The Stewardship Pemberton Society (SPS) was recently successful in securing a grant from the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund in an effort to assist the Village of Pemberton in developing a policy for species-at-risk in large development permit areas.

Hunter Found Guilty Of Trying To Mislead Authorities

July 20, 2013 
Kamloops Daily News

A judge has ruled a Kamloops man guilty of illegal possession of two moose carcasses and of lying to police by using an aboriginal man’s hunting rights to cover up his misdeeds. Prosecutor Neil Flanagan has suggested fines of between $8,000 and $10,000 for both counts, and suggested that the bulk of the money should go to the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.

Restoration Under Way

July 19, 2013 
Boundary Creek Times

The results of an ecosystem restoration project in the West Boundary are easily visible from the Hwy 3 near Johnstone Creek Provincial Park just west of Rock Creek.

SLIPP program to remove 50 derelict docks

July 17, 2013
Sicamous Eagle Valley News

Approximately 50 derelict, abandoned docks will be removed from the Salmon Arm section of Shuswap Lake and from Mara Lake. These structures can create safety issues for boaters, impede public access along the shoreline, and reduce the aesthetic values.

Free Fishing Gear Offered at Lower Mainland Lakes

July 11, 2013
Asian Pacific Post

 The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, with financial assistance from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation, is providing spinning rods, reels and tackle boxes on loan by the day or week at various locations around BC.

Free Fishing in B.C. on Father’s Day Weekend

June 13, 2013
Surrey Now

From June 14 to 16, fishing without a licence is not only legal, it’s encouraged – thanks to B.C.’s 14th annual Family Fishing Weekend.

Estuary an Important Target

June 12, 2013 
Parksville Qualicum Beach News

More than a dozen Broom bashers gathered at the foot of Mills Street in Parksville where they heard from Doug Herchmer, a Nature Trust of B.C. volunteer warden who explained the work they have already done to rehabilitate the area known as Parksville Flats.

Gov’t cracks down on illegal docks on Shuswap Lake

June 5, 2013
Global, BC

SICAMOUS, BC — It’s a hot button topic that’s creating waves in the Shuswap. The provincial government intends to crack down on the proliferation of illegally built docks on Shuswap Lake — mostly for environmental reasons. Affected dock owners don’t like it but as Blaine Gaffney reports, there’s also concern there could be a negative economic impact.

Keeping Deadly Deer Disease Out of B.C.

June 12, 2013 

Signs have been set up on Highway 49 near Dawson Creek reminding hunters not to bring intact deer carcasses into British Columbia.They’re part of a public awareness campaign the provincial government has launched in an effort to keep a deadly disease out of the province.

Volunteers get Down and Dirty

June 11, 2013 
Kelowna Capital News

 Dozens of volunteers planted trees on the weekend, but instead of creating new forest they were restoring a grassland area on the Westside.

Penticton Creek in Dire Straits (video)

June 7, 2013 
Global TV  

It’s one of Okanagan Lake’s biggest tributaries. It runs through Penticton’s downtown core and is in dire need of repair.As Eric Szeto reports, recent funding for a new study has moved the city one step closer to a long-awaited creek restoration.

Campbell River Hunter Fined $3,000 for Moose Kill

June 6, 2013 
Campbell River Mirror

A Campbell River man has been fined $3,000 for illegally killing a moose. $2,800 of the fine will go to the B.C. Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

Grant Assists Penticton Creek Rehabilitation

June 6, 2013 
Penticton Western News

After 63 years, the City of Penticton is looking at rehabilitating Penticton Creek, which was channelized in 1950, after the river flooded destructively two years before.

Penticton Creek to be Rehabilitated

June 5, 2013
AM 1150 Penticton News

Penticton Creek will be improved in the near future to help fish production while maintaining its flood protection. The City of Penticton has received a grant from the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation of $63,680 to begin rehabilitating what is the third-largest tributary of Okanagan Lake.


Purchase Will Double Size of Sage and Sparrow

May 22, 2013 
Osoyoos Times

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is close to acquiring additional land near Kilpoola Lake that will more than double the size of the Sage and Sparrow Conservation Area.

Focusing on Water Issues and Solutions

May 15, 2013 
Salmon Arm Observer

It’s a room of doing, not sitting still – a room where Grade 11 students are learning about their environment and enjoying the process.

 Wildflower Festival Set for Saturday in the Cowichan Valley

May 2, 2013 
Times Colonist

Bugs, bees, blooms and — maybe — bluebirds, will be the stars at the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s In Bloom Wildflower Festival on Saturday.

Tagged Fish in BC Lakes Will Net Licensed Anglers a $100 Reward

May 2, 2013

Anglers throughout British Columbia will be reeling in more than just their favourite fish this summer. Coinciding with its 10th anniversary, the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC is launching a new province-wide research project that requires the help of anglers – in return for rewards totalling more than $15,000.

The Future is Back

April 28, 2013 
Kelowna Capital News

Where today torrents of muddy water rage straight through Kelowna in a channelized river bed, in future Mission Creek will meander in zigzag fashion across the flat land on its way to Okanagan Lake—somewhat as it did in the past.

Park Land Acquisition (video)

April 23, 2013 
Global TV  

A $550,000 land purchase ensures public access to a 450 metre section of the popular Greenway trail in Kelowna. Blaine Gaffney reports.

Mission Creek Greenway Trail Officially Added

April 23, 2013 
HQ Kelowna

A section of trail along Mission Creek has now officially been added to the Mission Creek Greenway recreational corridor.


Eyes Turn to the Sky for Bluebirds’ Return to Vancouver Island

April 10, 2013 
Times Colonist

There will be bluebirds over the meadows of the Cowichan Valley this week and hopes are high that others will be flying in shortly. It’s the first sign bluebirds are returning to Vancouver Island.

New Dock at Durrance Opens Fishing to All

April 10, 2013 

The provincial government has spearheaded the construction of a new dock at Durrance Lake as part of a broader effort to encourage more urban fishing on Vancouver Island.

Province Adds to Protected Grasslands

April 4, 2013 Kamloops Daily News

The Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area — bordering the city and equal to about half the area of the municipality of Kamloops — is growing by another 20 per cent.