Creative Sentencing

What is Creative Sentencing?

Simply put, creative sentencing enables presiding judges to use sentencing alternatives beyond the traditional options of fines, penalties and imprisonment. Under this approach, courts can order offenders under certain provincial statutes to make payments to HCTF, who will then in turn invest those funds into conservation projects. To date, the Foundation has invested over $3.5 Million of this money in conservation project throughout the province.

For more information on HCTF’s court award portfolio, including profiles of projects funded with the proceeds from creative sentencing, see our report “Investing in Conservation with Revenue from Creative Sentencing”.

Restricted Court Awards

Occasionally, creative sentencing money awarded to HCTF has restrictions as to how it may be spent. The court order might specify that the money may only be used for projects concerning certain species, habitats or in specific geographic locations, as a way of mitigating damage done by the offender. In these cases, HCTF first looks for a match in our current list of approved projects. If there is no suitable project match, we advertise the awards for our next round of funding