Mon, 25 Apr 2022

Wildlife and Fish Conservation Across British Columbia Receives $8.7 Million in Funding

This year, HCTF awarded $8.7 million in funding for over 150 individual conservation projects throughout British Columbia by supporting conservation groups, government, Indigenous Nations, and local communities to implement these projects.

2022-23 HCTF Project List

The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF) is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to funding conservation projects that protect B.C.’s wildlife, freshwater fish, and the habitats they need to survive and thrive. Funding and support for these projects across the province come from a wide variety of sources including public groups such as the British Columbia Wildlife Federation (BCWF), partner organizations like the Forest Enhancement Society of BC, provincial government contributions, court fines, and endowments. A significant source of this funding comes from the conservation surcharge paid by B.C.’s anglers, hunters, trappers, and guide outfitters with the purchase of their respective licenses.

Project #0-466: BC Wild Sheep Conservation and Movi Control Program

While HCTF manages funds and administers many grants programs, HCTF’s CEO Dan Buffett remarks that “it is in collaboration with our partners that HCTF can generate funding and deliver projects that are key to conserving British Columbia’s fish, wildlife and their habitats”. Since 1981, HCTF has approved over $206 million on over 3550 conservation projects. Some of the projects funded this year include:

A habitat restoration project and an associated study funded for $346,000, which aims to enhance Moose forage, habitat, population in North-Central BC. Monitoring the short-term success and effectiveness of the forage enhancement techniques will inform habitat enhancement practices and moose conservation strategies going forward.

The Simpcw First Nation received $290,000 in funding for caribou habitat restoration through the naturalization of deactivated roads and vegetation planting within the overwintering range of the Well Grey South caribou herd. This habitat restoration will provide cover and reduce the impact of predator species and human activities on caribou.

$220,000 in funding was provided to Ducks Unlimited Canada to facilitate the Wetland Conservation Partnership Program. This program will restore and enhance wetland, river, and grassland habitats across the province. This will include rebuilding infrastructure supporting the 184 Mile and Mayook Marshes, benefiting freshwater fish, waterfowl, and other aquatic species in central British Columbia.

Project #2-754: At-Risk Birds of Prey Conservation on the South Coast

Project #2-754: At-Risk Birds of Prey Conservation on the South Coast

“We are proud to partner with HCTF and local experts on the ground throughout British Columbia to improve wildlife habitat,” said Steve Kozuki, executive director of FESBC. “HCTF combines wildlife biology expertise with their excellent management of funds to deliver outstanding benefits for wildlife. With all the pressures on the land base, the good work HCTF does is more important than ever.”

Project 1-694: Gold River Steelhead Stock Decline Investigations

Project 1-694: Gold River Steelhead Stock Decline Investigations

To see the complete list of HCTF-funded projects or explore the conservation work being done near you, view the 2022-23 Approved Project List.

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HCTF Quick Facts

It is the mission of HCTF to improve the conservation outcomes of B.C.’s fish and wildlife, and the habitats in which they live. We make a difference by funding conservation projects and by educating and engaging the public about B.C.’s natural assets. 2021 marks HCTF’s 40th anniversary of helping conservation groups and individuals secure funding for conservation projects and providing education to the general public about B.C.’s important natural assets. Since 1981, HCTF has provided over $206 million in grants for 3,550 conservation projects across B.C.